Sunday, October 16, 2011

Woolfolk Records Update 2

I've updated these in the posts themselves; here are a correction, and some more additions to the publication data that I didn't have when I posted these particular months of William Woolfolk's comic book scripting records. These scripts are all for Fawcett.

Mary Marvel: I found the story when I saw the issue of Wow. The story was cut by a page.

Captain Midnight: I misread "Casey James" as "Casey Jones" and zoned on the Captain Midnight line, reading it as Captain Marvel. Casey James is a recurring character (he's building a transcontinental railway) in Captain Midnight.

The "Captain Marvel Traps a Sleepwalker" story's issue I scrambled as I turned my original list into HTML for the blog; darkmark pointed out the error. And darkmark supplied the three Don Winslow stories' publication info.

Now that I've looked through the relevant Timely issues, I'll say that all ten Captain America stories that I couldn't identify from December 1945 through March 1946 (in other words, all except "The Last Case of Inspector Leeds" in CA 60) went unpublished, as darkmark in his comment on the post about February 1946 surmised (he helped me see those issues).

February 1945
8 pg Mary Marveljuvenile delinquent double
7 pg "Trouble on the Double" Wow 41, Feb/46
Don Winslowtrail of the S-29
"On the Trail of the S-29" DW 24, May/46
March 1945
Don WinslowHollywood goes to the Pacific
"Hollywood Bound" DW 44, Apr/47
April 1945
Captain MidnightCasey James in swamp
Capt Mid
Don Winslowdynamite ship
"The Good Ship SS Courageous" DW 49, Sept/47
February 1946
Captain Marveltraps a sleepwalker
"CM Traps a Sleepwalker" CM Advs 71, Apr/47


  1. Casey Jones in the swamp could be "Swamp of Terror" from CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #39, but until / unless I get the issue, there's no confirmation.

  2. Another story that I think I've found but can't confirm is the last Moon Girl story Woolfolk wrote. I hadn't realized there was an MG story of the proper length published in INTERNATIONAL CRIME PATROL 6. I'd like to assure myself that "Beauty and the Beast" is the story he noted as "man who lives beyond death."