Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bill Finger on Captain America Again

"Beware the Medicine Man" in Captain America 57 (July/46) is another Timely script by Bill Finger that I just found.

Captain America 57 page with 'Arumph' in dialogue

Something he uses here that so far I've seen from no other writer is "Arumph" for "Harrumph."

Batman 5 panel with 'Arumph' in dialogue twice
Other stylistic indicators in this Cap story that Finger has used elsewhere are:

"____, but fast!"
colorful figure
lash out ____...
Meantime, in ____...
sturdy figure

And captions beginning with gerunds: Scanning the paper, ____...

The Cap artist here is Maurice del Bourgo, who did Green Arrow and Mike Gibbs: Guerrilla at DC; at Timely he also drew Mr. Wu in All Select 11 and Blonde Phantom 12.(The Batman art on "The Case of the Honest Crook" in Batman 5, Spr/41, is by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.)

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