Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/04

Animal Fables 2 cover
William Woolfolk submitted stories this month to Timely and Fawcett; there are ones written for OW but ending up at EC; and one is evidently for the company that paid for Railroader Ray in earlier months.

At times Korky Kangaroo is spelled in Woolfolk's notebook and at EC as Kangroo.

The Captain Marvel "School Editor" story was the closest I could find to match "Sports Editor," but there would have been some rewriting if so. "School Editor" involves a character called Dean Martin—not the singer co-star of the early issues of Jerry Lewis's comic, but a Mr. Martin who's dean of a school.

On the Young Allies story I need help in narrowing it down to issue of publication. Possibly, like the earlier 15-page YA stories, it went unpublished; it's not one of the final three, in Marvel Mystery 81-83.

April 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

7 pg Young Alliesif the shoe fits
Marvel Mys [thru 80, Apr/47]
Ibisghostly cavalier
"The Ghostly Cavalier" Whiz 83, Feb/47
Korky Kangroovoice thrower
[untitled] Animal Fables 3, Spr/47
Aesop fablesfox & grapes, frog & ox, lion & mouse
2 "The Fox and the Grapes" AF 2, Win/46
2 "The Frog and the Ox"AF 3, Spr/47
2 "The Lion and the Mouse"AF 2, Win/46
Ibisking of darkness
"The King of Darkness" Whiz 84, Apr/47
Captain Marvelsports editor
"Billy Batson—School Editor" CM Advs 75, Aug/47
Captain Marvelsecret life of
"The Secret Life of CM" CM Advs 77, Oct/47
Mary Marvelreversed impulses
"Reversed Impulses" MM 10, Mar/47
railroad story
Captain Marveldate the world ended
"The Fate of the World" CM Advs 74, July/47


  1. If the Young Allies story was really published, the only place it could have gone is either MARVEL MYSTERY #77 or 78. Don't have the YA stories for either one.

  2. Yes, 77's YA story title, "Menace at Midnight," could have been substituted by the editors for just about anything by the writer--even "The Coming of Galactus."