Monday, May 23, 2022

Bunny Backups

Bunny_Ball_Fantasy In the Bunny Ball Fantasy Theater backups in Harvey's Bunny, Howie Post has been IDed on the Sooper Hippie stories, but Hy Eisman, the Bunny artist, has been attributed the art for the first Fruitman stories and the Yvoorg Nam one. He doesn't start on Fruitman until issue 9. He may be inked by Henry Scarpelli on some, and Scarpelli may do complete art again toward the end of the run. (I see him with Eisman in varying degrees on the Bunny stories too.)

The inking on these three Post stories in particular stumps me--it doesn't look like his own as seen on Anthro, for instance--so as far as inking goes, I'll venture only that Scarpelli inked himself here.

Bunny 8 Fruitman

Bunny Ball Fantasy Theater Pencillers in early Bunny

Nov/67 Fruitman Warren Kremer
Mar/68 Yvoorg Nam Howie Post
Oct/      Flower People [SOOPER HIPPIE] Post
Feb/69 Love Beads [SOOPER HIPPIE] Post
Apr/     The Great Feast [FRUITMAN] Henry Scarpelli full art
May/     Shmasty and McGee [FRUITMAN] Hy Eisman