Friday, May 18, 2018

Mr. District Attorney Writers--Spotlight on Phil Evans

Writer Phil Evans' records (published by Robin Snyder in his History of the Comics) specify some of his stories of Mr. District Attorney and the DC title's crime back-ups, but not all; there are unnamed others in the range of numbers 6-15 (I find one in #16 too).

The first clue to an Evans story is his use of "Hmm" or "Huh" at the beginning of a sentence but following by a comma rather than the more usual dash or ellipsis (not that he doesn't use those too). These are panels from "Fake Accident Racket," which is in the records, and "The Alibi King," which isn't; the latter uses "Huh" in this fashion a good four times. Pencils by Howard Purcell on issues 6 through 59.

Huh, sentence

Mr. District Attorney writers Part 2
(* = in Phil Evans' records)

Nov-Dec/48 #6  The Big Frame Ed Herron
Jan-Feb/49 #7  The People vs. Killer Kale Herron
The Case of the Vanishing Crook Herron

The Street of Forgotten Men Herron
Mar-Apr/     #8  The Rise and Fall of "Lucky" Lynn Phil Evans
   The Case of the Money Makers Herron
May-June/     #9  The Case of the Living Counterfeits Herron
July-Aug/     #10  Dragnet Herron
Sep-Oct/      #11  The Game That Has No Winners Evans *

The Man Who Laughed at Bullets Herron

Second Chance Farm Herron
Nov-Dec/     #12  Fake Accident Racket Evans *

I Defended the Monkey Man Evans
Jan-Feb/50 #13  The Execution of Caesar Larsen Herron

The False Rumor Factory Evans *

Where Is Marvyn Moon? Herron
Mar-Apr/     #14  The Alibi King Evans

Murder at Ceiling Zero Evans
May-June/     #15  Prison Train Herron

The Man Who Fooled Juries Herron
July-Aug/     #16  The Crime Warden Evans