Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Bernstein Black Rider

Some of Robert Bernstein's scripts for the costumed Western hero Black Rider at Timely/Atlas are credited—artist Jay Scott Pike added Bernstein's name when he signed his art. (Ernie Hart's Fifties writing credits also come from Pike's adding the scripter's name.) However, Pike didn't credit all of Bernstein's scripts on his stories, and there were other artists who didn't go to that trouble.

Black Rider was suspended with #18, and when it returned almost two years later there was a new writer, whose distinctive gunshots—"Whram"—don't identify him but show him as the main writer of Kid Colt at the time too.

Wild Western 18 Murderers of Crippled Bend--'Bernstein and Pike

Black Rider Written by Robert Bernstein

Jan/51 12  The Town That Vanished
Marked for Murder
Trek of Terror
Hot Lead Reunion
Six-Gun Salute
Mar/    13  The Terrified Tribe
The Deadly Double-Cross
The Secret in the Sand
The Strange Man
May/     14  The Horror Castle

The Tree Pirates Strike
Close Shave
The Metal Menace
Jul/      15  The Poiusoned Bottles
The Silent Scream

The Sign of the Wolf
Returns from the Dead
Sep/      16  Dear Black Rider...
Three-Cornered Feud
Mass Murder in Montana
Nov/     17  Black Rider's Vengeance
Mirror of Death [credited]
The Biggest Liar in Tombstone
The Ghost on Four Legs [credited]
Jan/52  18  The Indian with Two Hearts [credited]
Tombstone Termites [credited]
The Ferry at Killer's Creek [credited]

in Two-Gun Western

Apr/52 13  Doomsday Gang [credited]
Jun/     14  The Mountain of Doom [credited]

in Wild Western

Feb/51 14  The Day Black Rider Died
Apr/     15  The Man Who Died Twice
Jun/      16  The Texas Tigress
Aug/     17  Brand of Terror
Oct/      18  The Murderers of Crippled Bend [credited]
Dec/     19  Vultures of the Rio Grande [credited]