Monday, July 15, 2019

Jack Mendelsohn's Issue of Alvin

I was rechecking Dell's Alvin for Don Segall's stories when I found Jack Mendelsohn's style on #5--unexpectedly, as the Who's Who does not mention that as one of his strips. Since I'd been looking through Standards' funny animal titles just before that, I soon recognized refries from Mendelsohn-scripted stories at Standard as well as Quality. Does anyone recognize the plots of the two stories for which I didn't find earlier versions?

Happy Rabbit 41, Buster Bear 5, Alvin 5

It looks like Segall returns after this one Mendelsohn issue, but other hands have taken over the writing by the end of the run of new stories in 1967.

(* = single page)

O-D/62 #1  A Trip to Chinatown * w: Don Segall
Alvin the Scientist w: Segall
Alvin's Pet w: Segall
A Day in the Country w: Segall
Let's Paint a House w: Segall
Flying Studio w: Segall
David's Birthday Present * w: Segall
Car Trouble * w: Segall
J-M/63 #2  Do-It-Yourself Disaster * w: Segall
A Day at the Farm w: Segall
Alvin and the Burglars w: Segall
Alvin in Orbit w: Segall
Team Spirit w: Segall
Alvin's Interview w: Segall
Wrong Number * w: Segall
A-J/     #3  Bubble Up * w: Segall
Among the Canned Goods w: Segall
Alvin's Paper Route w: Segall
A Day at the Zoo... w: Segall
The Motor Scooter w: Segall
E-fishin'-cy w: Segall
Chicken for Dinner * w: Segall
J-S/     #4  Spoiled Brat * w: Segall
Roughing It w: Segall
Subway Sidney w: Segall
Sweet Kids w: Segall
Culture Caper w: Segall
Tree House w: Segall
O-D/     #5  Share and Share a Bike * w: Jack Mendelsohn
    from "3 of a Kind"
      Buddy Bear in GOOFY 44 (Jul/51)
Water on the Brain w: Mendelsohn
    from "Water, Water Everywhere"
      Percy Pig in HAPPY 41 (Feb/51)
    via "Water on the Brain"
      BUSTER BEAR 5 (Aug/54)
Snow Fun w: Mendelsohn
    from 1st Prince Pinky and Pudd story
       in MARMADUKE MOUSE 35 (Feb/53)
Auto Mission w: Mendelsohn
Rink Jinx w: Mendelsohn

Little Angela in Alvin

O-D/63 #5  No Space for Rant w: Mendelsohn

I didn't find an earlier version of this particular story, the first in the backup series, but Mendelsohn wrote for Standard's Little Angel--what's the difference in a single letter?