Friday, February 26, 2021

Molno's Other Dell Heroes--and This Time a Writer

Hogan's Heroes 7 'Klink Klank Klunk'
Continuing on from my ID a few posts ago of Bill Molno as one of Sal Trapani's ghost pencillers on Dell's Super Heroes, here he is on two issues of Hogan's Heroes. This time I have a writer, too--Alan Riefe, who took over after Paul S. Newman wrote #1.

The thing that set me on to Alan Riefe at Dell earlier (on <i>Get Smart</i>)--he wasn't previously known to have been there--was Kerblam, Kerblamo, and Kerbammo on a number of stories, which I recalled from the final run of Jerry Lewis at DC a little later. When I compared I found more matches like "Heyyyy" and "Halllp" and so on.

Speaking of Super Heroes, Riefe is yet another writer at late-'60s Dell who I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with that feature.

Hogan's Heroes

Sep/66 Operation Double Klink w: Alan Riefe
Dec/     Operation Goat w: Riefe
Mar/67 Operation Flick Flack w: Riefe
Apr/     Fly Now...Crash Later w: Riefe
  Cheese It w: Riefe
May/     Klink Must Go w: Riefe  p: Bill Molno
  Driving Klink Koo Koo w: Riefe  p: Molno
  Secret Weapon w: Riefe  p: Molno
July/     Klink, Klank, Klunk w: Riefe  p: Molno
  General Nuisance w: Riefe  p: Molno
  Klink's Office Party w: Riefe  p: Molno
Sep/     The Great Stone Klink w: Riefe
  Klink's Housewarming w: Riefe
  General Klink w: Riefe

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Man of Brandon

Rex Brandon books
These pulp/paperback hero swipes are not trying to hide; I'd call them out-and-out homages. The New Ebook Library didn't last more than a few months in 2019; it folded due to lack of sales. The Rex Brandon books reprinted a series from Curtis Warren, a pulpish British paperback house of the 1950s. 

From the memory of a look online in 2019, I'm pretty sure the artist on these is Tony Masero, who painted British paperback covers in the 60s and is today doing ebook covers for Piccadilly Publishing, the parent of New Ebook Library. He's also a Western novel writer, a reminder of comic book artist Lou Cameron's later prose output.