Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Man of Brandon

Rex Brandon books
These pulp/paperback hero swipes are not trying to hide; I'd call them out-and-out homages. The New Ebook Library didn't last more than a few months in 2019; it folded due to lack of sales. The Rex Brandon books reprinted a series from Curtis Warren, a pulpish British paperback house of the 1950s. 

From the memory of a look online in 2019, I'm pretty sure the artist on these is Tony Masero, who painted British paperback covers in the 60s and is today doing ebook covers for Piccadilly Publishing, the parent of New Ebook Library. He's also a Western novel writer, a reminder of comic book artist Lou Cameron's later prose output.


  1. Yeah but do you know are they worth reading?

    1. No, I waited too long--a few weeks--to buy any, and they were off Amazon by then.