Friday, February 26, 2021

Molno's Other Dell Heroes--and This Time a Writer

Hogan's Heroes 7 'Klink Klank Klunk'
Continuing on from my ID a few posts ago of Bill Molno as one of Sal Trapani's ghost pencillers on Dell's Super Heroes, here he is on two issues of Hogan's Heroes. This time I have a writer, too--Alan Riefe, who took over after Paul S. Newman wrote #1.

The thing that set me on to Alan Riefe at Dell earlier (on <i>Get Smart</i>)--he wasn't previously known to have been there--was Kerblam, Kerblamo, and Kerbammo on a number of stories, which I recalled from the final run of Jerry Lewis at DC a little later. When I compared I found more matches like "Heyyyy" and "Halllp" and so on.

Speaking of Super Heroes, Riefe is yet another writer at late-'60s Dell who I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with that feature.

Hogan's Heroes

Sep/66 Operation Double Klink w: Alan Riefe
Dec/     Operation Goat w: Riefe
Mar/67 Operation Flick Flack w: Riefe
Apr/     Fly Now...Crash Later w: Riefe
  Cheese It w: Riefe
May/     Klink Must Go w: Riefe  p: Bill Molno
  Driving Klink Koo Koo w: Riefe  p: Molno
  Secret Weapon w: Riefe  p: Molno
July/     Klink, Klank, Klunk w: Riefe  p: Molno
  General Nuisance w: Riefe  p: Molno
  Klink's Office Party w: Riefe  p: Molno
Sep/     The Great Stone Klink w: Riefe
  Klink's Housewarming w: Riefe
  General Klink w: Riefe

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