Friday, February 17, 2023

Swan/Burnley on Tommy Tomorrow?

The Who's Who's credits for John Fischetti started out as just "Fischetti" on Tommy Tomorrow, if I remember correctly, but now encompass any number of 1950s series at DC--most of them inking Curt Swan, going by the list's matching up with Swan's series there at the time.

These four stories at the end of Swan's run on Tommy Tomorrow look to be inked by someone else with a heavier brush, and I would think it's Ray Burnley, who was inking Swan on Gangbusters and such. Swan/Burnley would soon be the art team on Jimmy Olsen when that title started up in 1954, and for a number of years.

Action 167, 170, 171 Tommy Tomorrow

These tiers from Action 167, 170, and 171 showcase faces finished with a heavier line than I see in the earlier Swan TT stories. What do you think?

Edmond Hamilton wrote almost all the Tommy Tomorrow stories from Action 147 to 175 (158 and 172 I don't think are his) and a few after that, so these four are his scripts.

Curt Swan (p)/Ray Burnley (i)
Tommy Tomorrow in Action Comics

Apr/52 167  The Man Who Stopped Space-Flight
May/      168  The Meteor Mystery
Jul/      170  The Great Brain of Space
Aug/      171  The Phantom Space Ship