Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Annie Oakley Written by Hank Chapman

Atlas had two Annie Oakleys. The original version was very much in the style of Hedy Devine (who had the back-up story in #1), Millie the Model, and the other girl features; she debuted with a Spring 1948 cover date, beating Sun Girl, Namora, and Venus to the stands by half a year. Her comic lasted four issues.

The title was resumed mid-Fifties as a straight western. The covers were by Joe Maneely, John Severin, Carl Burgos, Sol Brodsky, and one was even by the interior artists, Andru and Esposito. The back-ups were the usual western shorts, on which I have no new info.
Annie Oakley 5 splash: 'Great Grizzlies'
Hank Chapman's scripts in the earlier Atlas war titles, even when he isn't credited, stand out with "Cripes," "Holy Cripes," and "Ca-ripes." Not a single one of those shows up in any of these stories. I don't know if those interjections struck Chapman as too modern  for a Western, or if the new Comics Code considered even euphemisms too rough. At any rate, it's the variations on "Oww"—including "Ow-w" and "Oww-w"—that put me on Chapman's track here. The Annie Oakley stories tied in with those war stories in other ways, though; Chapman uses footnotes to translate Western lingo here and Chinese or Korean there; and Texan infantryman Battle Brady, in his own Korean War series by Chapman, uses the expression "Great Grizzlies" that Annie does here.

Annie Oakley

Written by Hank Chapman
Pencilled by Ross Andru
Inked by Mike Esposito

June/55 Introducing the Champion Cowgirl of the West, Annie Oakley
    The Mystery of the Vanishing Herd
    The Secret of Lost Canyon
Aug/     Bushwhack at Bull's-Eye Ranch
    Grizzly Giant of Vista Valley
    Skillets and Six-Guns
Oct/     The Scarlet Shadow Strikes
    The Treasure of the Conquistadores
    Contest of the Champions
Dec/     Queen of the Cowgirls
  On the Warpath
    Six-Gun Showdown
Feb/56 Wanted: Dead or Alive
    The Cowboy
    Flaming Fury
    Buffalo Bandits
Apr/     10  The Tribal Treasures
    Double Trouble for Annie
    Law of the Wild
    Shot-Gun Sadie
 June/    11  Bandits in Buena Vista
    Outlaws Beware...When the Oakleys Ride
    A Sheriff's Duty
    Little Sure Shot

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/04

Scripts go to just two companies, Orbit and Fawcett, this month.

UPDATE: I could find "A Man I Dared Not Love" and "Dead on Arrival" mentioned in house ads in The Westerner 28 and 29 before I saw the respective issues of Love Diary and Wanted in which they appeared. I guessed correctly that "Man Shy" was in the same Love Diary issue, but incorrectly on "My Office Lover" going in that issue; under a new title and page count it waited another full year for publication.

Westerner 28 and 29 house ads for Love Diary 8 and Wanted 30

"Simon Pure Socker" seems to be "Victory for Jimmy," the 4-page back-up for Joe Louis 2 that Woolfolk recorded as "How to Box" in February when he wrote the issue's main story. From the bottom of the story's first page: "They don't call amateur boxing 'simon pure' for nothing, Jimmy!"

April 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg  Hangman's Holiday man meets another with his identity
9  "Hangman's Holiday" Wanted 29, Sept/50
Ibis the moon menace
"Ibis Battles the Moon Menace" Whiz 128, Dec/50
A Man I Dared Not Love girl falls for a criminal
"A Man I Dared Not Love" Love Diary 8, Sept/50
4 Simon Pure Socker boy wants to be amateur fighter
[duplicate entry]
10  Captain Marvel Jr. battles the silicon men
"The Silicon Monster" CMJ 92, Dec/50
fiction yarns Human Reptile, and Draw against Death
1  Blackhawk "The Human Reptile" [text] Modern 101, Sept/50
1  Arizona Raines "Draw against Death" [text] Crack Western 68, Sept/50
My Office Lover secretary & her boss
7  "I Loved My Boss" L Diary 20, Sept/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Mrs. Wagner's forbidden room
"Mrs. Wagner's Forbidden Room" CMJ 92, Dec/50
10  Man Shy! circus gal who is afraid of men
"Man-Shy" L Diary 8, Sept/50
10  Captain Marvel Jr. the cosmic war dust
"CMJ Fights the Cosmic War Dust" CMJ 93, Jan/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Sivana Jr.'s friendly robot
"Sivana Jr.'s Friendly Robot" CMJ 93, Jan/51
10  Dead on Arrival man establishes his own death & regrets it
"Dead on Arrival" Wanted 30, Oct/50

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter Buccaneers

Here, like John Daly, is another Adventure Comics artist (in this case on the Shining Knight) who did some work at Quality in the Fifities. Chuck (or C. A.) Winter worked on a few strips like Hell Diver at the company in the early Forties, then returned late in the decade to do Black X—which has been recognized—and a few other features which have not. I've seen one Quality romance drawn by him, "Ringside Heartbreak" in Heart Throbs 1 (Aug/49), and imagine there are more.

The Spanish Main was a series with no continuing characters in Buccaneers 19-24; I can't tell the artists on the first five stories. Corsair Queen took over the slot with 25 and lasted the three issues to the title's end.

The inking looks different enough from Winter's work at DC (or even on "Ringside Heartbreak"), that I don't think he's inking himself on Buccaneers. The Liberty Belle splash co-credited with writer Don Cameron is from her debut in Boy Commandos 1 (Win/42-43).

Corsair Queen splash, Buccaneers 25; Liberty Belle splash, Boy Commandos 1

Winter's The Spanish Main story in Buccaneers

Nov/50 24  Destruction or Delight w: ?  p: Chuck Winter

Corsair Queen in Buccaneers

Jan/51 25  The Tigress of the Seas w: Joe Millard  p: Winter
Mar/     26  King of Corpse Cay w: Millard  p: Winter
May/     27  The Castle of Greed w: Millard  p: Winter

Winter had a run of eight stories in a row in another Quality feature around 1951; does anybody riffling through the company's titles for that year pick out that work? I'll post on it later.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/03

Quality, Orbit, and Fawcett continue as buyers. Arizona Raines, at least, is a feature we haven't seen in the records before.

I haven't seen Wanted 28 or seen it indexed, but the first two crime stories this month would have to fit there—William Woolfolk wrote stories published in 27 last month, and in 29 later this month. These and last month's "Death Trap" may have been published under the editor's titles and page totals.

The Minstrel Man is a recurring villain; I've seen him in one of the scattered Monte Hale issues available scanned, but it's not this story with Mother Goose rhymes.

Whiz 127 Ibis story first page

March 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg  Doll Man crime wave
    "Crime Wave" DM 30, Sept/50
Ibis the headless horseman
  "Ibis Battles the Headless Horseman" Whiz 126, Oct/50
Twice Dead Killer a crook police know to be dead is committing crimes
    "Twice Dead Killer" Wanted 28, Aug/50
10 Man about Murder a crook who lives high—by swindling underworld leaders
"Man about Murder" Wanted 28, Aug/50
Arizona Raines a town where dead outlaws rule
    "Phantom Town" Crack Western 68, Sept/50
Monte Hale Minstrel Man uses Mother Goose rhymes
    MH Western c. Oct/50
Captain Marvel Jr. fish who are devouring everything—and the cat who saves the world
    "The World Eaters" CMJ 91, Nov/50
Captain Marvel Jr. radioactive air
    "The Radioactive Air" Marvel Family 54, Dec/50
Monte Hale Pardner (Monte's horse) hates Monte Hale
    MH Western c. Oct/50
Monte Hale the balloon bandits
    "MH and the Balloon Bandits" Western Hero 95, Oct/50
10  Crime's 3 Musketeers crooks who all destroy each other
    "Crime's Three Musketeers" Wanted 29, Sept/50
Ibis the world of wizardry
  "Ibis and the World of Wizardry" Whiz 127, Nov/50
Captain Marvel Jr. the great fog
    "Sivana Jr.'s Green Fog" CMJ 91, Nov/50
Captain Marvel Jr. magic carpets inc.
    "Magic Carpets, Inc." CMJ 92, Dec/50
10  Johnny on the Spot did a ventriloquist dummy murder a man?
9    "Johnny on the Spot" Wanted 29, Sept/50
Captain Marvel Jr. murder at Mrs. Wagner's
    "The Murder at Mrs. Wagner's" CMJ 91, Nov/50