Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/04

Scripts go to just two companies, Orbit and Fawcett, this month.

UPDATE: I could find "A Man I Dared Not Love" and "Dead on Arrival" mentioned in house ads in The Westerner 28 and 29 before I saw the respective issues of Love Diary and Wanted in which they appeared. I guessed correctly that "Man Shy" was in the same Love Diary issue, but incorrectly on "My Office Lover" going in that issue; under a new title and page count it waited another full year for publication.

Westerner 28 and 29 house ads for Love Diary 8 and Wanted 30

"Simon Pure Socker" seems to be "Victory for Jimmy," the 4-page back-up for Joe Louis 2 that Woolfolk recorded as "How to Box" in February when he wrote the issue's main story. From the bottom of the story's first page: "They don't call amateur boxing 'simon pure' for nothing, Jimmy!"

April 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg  Hangman's Holiday man meets another with his identity
9  "Hangman's Holiday" Wanted 29, Sept/50
Ibis the moon menace
"Ibis Battles the Moon Menace" Whiz 128, Dec/50
A Man I Dared Not Love girl falls for a criminal
"A Man I Dared Not Love" Love Diary 8, Sept/50
4 Simon Pure Socker boy wants to be amateur fighter
[duplicate entry]
10  Captain Marvel Jr. battles the silicon men
"The Silicon Monster" CMJ 92, Dec/50
fiction yarns Human Reptile, and Draw against Death
1  Blackhawk "The Human Reptile" [text] Modern 101, Sept/50
1  Arizona Raines "Draw against Death" [text] Crack Western 68, Sept/50
My Office Lover secretary & her boss
7  "I Loved My Boss" L Diary 20, Sept/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Mrs. Wagner's forbidden room
"Mrs. Wagner's Forbidden Room" CMJ 92, Dec/50
10  Man Shy! circus gal who is afraid of men
"Man-Shy" L Diary 8, Sept/50
10  Captain Marvel Jr. the cosmic war dust
"CMJ Fights the Cosmic War Dust" CMJ 93, Jan/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Sivana Jr.'s friendly robot
"Sivana Jr.'s Friendly Robot" CMJ 93, Jan/51
10  Dead on Arrival man establishes his own death & regrets it
"Dead on Arrival" Wanted 30, Oct/50

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