Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/03

Quality, Orbit, and Fawcett continue as buyers. Arizona Raines, at least, is a feature we haven't seen in the records before.

I haven't seen Wanted 28 or seen it indexed, but the first two crime stories this month would have to fit there—William Woolfolk wrote stories published in 27 last month, and in 29 later this month. These and last month's "Death Trap" may have been published under the editor's titles and page totals.

The Minstrel Man is a recurring villain; I've seen him in one of the scattered Monte Hale issues available scanned, but it's not this story with Mother Goose rhymes.

Whiz 127 Ibis story first page

March 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg  Doll Man crime wave
    "Crime Wave" DM 30, Sept/50
Ibis the headless horseman
  "Ibis Battles the Headless Horseman" Whiz 126, Oct/50
Twice Dead Killer a crook police know to be dead is committing crimes
    "Twice Dead Killer" Wanted 28, Aug/50
10 Man about Murder a crook who lives high—by swindling underworld leaders
"Man about Murder" Wanted 28, Aug/50
Arizona Raines a town where dead outlaws rule
    "Phantom Town" Crack Western 68, Sept/50
Monte Hale Minstrel Man uses Mother Goose rhymes
    MH Western c. Oct/50
Captain Marvel Jr. fish who are devouring everything—and the cat who saves the world
    "The World Eaters" CMJ 91, Nov/50
Captain Marvel Jr. radioactive air
    "The Radioactive Air" Marvel Family 54, Dec/50
Monte Hale Pardner (Monte's horse) hates Monte Hale
    MH Western c. Oct/50
Monte Hale the balloon bandits
    "MH and the Balloon Bandits" Western Hero 95, Oct/50
10  Crime's 3 Musketeers crooks who all destroy each other
    "Crime's Three Musketeers" Wanted 29, Sept/50
Ibis the world of wizardry
  "Ibis and the World of Wizardry" Whiz 127, Nov/50
Captain Marvel Jr. the great fog
    "Sivana Jr.'s Green Fog" CMJ 91, Nov/50
Captain Marvel Jr. magic carpets inc.
    "Magic Carpets, Inc." CMJ 92, Dec/50
10  Johnny on the Spot did a ventriloquist dummy murder a man?
9    "Johnny on the Spot" Wanted 29, Sept/50
Captain Marvel Jr. murder at Mrs. Wagner's
    "The Murder at Mrs. Wagner's" CMJ 91, Nov/50

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  1. The Minstrel Man appeared in MONTE HALE #58 and 66 and WESTERN HERO #89 and 91. The only one of those I've got is MH #58, and he isn't doing Mother Goose songs in that.