Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter Buccaneers

Here, like John Daly, is another Adventure Comics artist (in this case on the Shining Knight) who did some work at Quality in the Fifities. Chuck (or C. A.) Winter worked on a few strips like Hell Diver at the company in the early Forties, then returned late in the decade to do Black X—which has been recognized—and a few other features which have not. I've seen one Quality romance drawn by him, "Ringside Heartbreak" in Heart Throbs 1 (Aug/49), and imagine there are more.

The Spanish Main was a series with no continuing characters in Buccaneers 19-24; I can't tell the artists on the first five stories. Corsair Queen took over the slot with 25 and lasted the three issues to the title's end.

The inking looks different enough from Winter's work at DC (or even on "Ringside Heartbreak"), that I don't think he's inking himself on Buccaneers. The Liberty Belle splash co-credited with writer Don Cameron is from her debut in Boy Commandos 1 (Win/42-43).

Corsair Queen splash, Buccaneers 25; Liberty Belle splash, Boy Commandos 1

Winter's The Spanish Main story in Buccaneers

Nov/50 24  Destruction or Delight w: ?  p: Chuck Winter

Corsair Queen in Buccaneers

Jan/51 25  The Tigress of the Seas w: Joe Millard  p: Winter
Mar/     26  King of Corpse Cay w: Millard  p: Winter
May/     27  The Castle of Greed w: Millard  p: Winter

Winter had a run of eight stories in a row in another Quality feature around 1951; does anybody riffling through the company's titles for that year pick out that work? I'll post on it later.

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