Monday, June 15, 2020

Joe Shuster Makes an Appearance

Popular Romance 6 Joe Shuster

After Joe Shuster's last work on Superman and Superboy in 1946, his next comic book appearance that I was aware of was the first Invisible Boy story published by St. John in 1954 (then Bill Molno ghosted for him at Charlton in 1954-55). Here between those appearances is a story and a featurette at Standard. This is Shuster's only work in the run of Popular Romance, but not having the complete collection of Standard romance books (for now, at least, with my Internet access limited in the pandemic) I wonder if he may have some work in other titles there around 1950. Whereas the inks on Invisible Boy remind me of those on some Superman stories, the inks here certainly don't.

Joe Shuster pencils in
Popular Romance

Mar/50 A Song in My Heart
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