Thursday, September 20, 2018

Some Leo Dorfman TV Westerns

Here's Day 1 of Freshman Intro to Logic illustrated again: Otto Binder is known to have written Broken Arrow; Four Color 947 is an issue of Broken Arrow; therefore Otto Binder wrote Four Color 947. Shakespeare wrote plays; Hamilton is a play; therefore Shakespeare wrote Hamilton.

Short moments later...
Although at this point Leo Dorfman has yet to use the caption structure "In the next agonizing moment..." as heavily as he will in the Sixties, he's leading up to it with "Short moments later..."; these tiers are from his first issues of the respective titles below, with the stories "Vengeance Trail," "Last of the Buffalo," and  "The Maverick."

Another Dorfman clue is variations of "Eeeyowww" and "Yowww," whereas Paul S. Newman mostly sticks to a succint "Oww!" In Binder's Broken Arrow issue we find an "Ukkk!"


Nov/57 #855  Apache Dowry Otto Binder

Kingdom of Terror Binder
Nov/58 #947  Desert Ordeal Leo Dorfman

Vengeance Trail Dorfman

Trackdown Dorfman

CHEYENNE written by Leo Dorfman
(other issues written by Paul S. Newman)

May-July/58 #7  The Mustang Trail

Last of the Buffalo
Aug-Oct/     #8  Devil's Canyon

The Conspirators
Nov-Jan/59  #9  Manhunt

Trouble in Peace Valley
Feb-Apr/      #10  Gunpowder Pass

The Ghost Trail
May-July/     #11  The Rio Smugglers

The Crooked Circle

GUNSMOKE written by Dorfman
(other Dell and Gold Key issues written by Newman)

Feb-Mar/58 #7  Showdown

The Maverick
Apr-May/     #8  The Taming of Bull Halloran

Six-Gun Fury
June-July/     #9  Man Without a Gun

The Bounty Hunter
Aug-Sep/      #10  The Deadly Dude

Badge of Honor