Monday, December 6, 2021

Jack Oleck in Marvel Tales and Journey into Mystery

Jack Oleck's writing style is recognizable in the Had-He-But-Known phrasing on the first page of his first story for Atlas's Journey into Mystery: Monty could still think, then...he could still reason...

Voice in the Night JIM 37

The main writer for the Atlas fantasy anthologies by this time is Carl Wessler, with rather more stories than Oleck; Wessler's are known from Robin Snyder's transcribing the writer's records in History of the Comics.

Marvel Tales was cancelled with #159 in the Atlas Implosion in 1957; Journey into Mystery was too, with #47, but was reinstated a year later with a few issues out of inventory (although no Oleck scripts) before the beginning of the proto-Marvel lineup (much more work from Jack Kirby, for one) leading into the monster phase.

Jack Oleck scripts
in Journey into Mystery

Aug/56 #37  The Voice in the Night
Nov/      #40  How Harry Escaped
Dec/      #41  I Switched Bodies
Jan/57 #42  Humans...Keep Out!
#43  It's Waiting for Me
Apr/      #45  What Happened to Harrison
May/     #46  Voodoo
June/      #47  Bring Back My Body

He Sits in the Fog!

in Marvel Tales

July/56 #148  The Despot
Aug/      #149  The Thief
Nov/      #152  When Mongorr Appeared
Dec/      #153  It Can't Be Done!
  The Last Man Alive
Feb/57 #155  Man in a Trance
Mar/     #156  Forbidden...Keep Out!
Apr/      #157  The Man Who Was Replaced

The Man Who Changed
Aug/      #159  The Last Look