Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mix-and-Match Swipe

Gutenberg Montiero's cover painting for Creepy 24 (Dec/68) swipes two earlier paintings.

Masters of Horror pb, Black Mask Sept 46, Creepy 24

An unknown artist painted the cover for the Berkley paperback Masters of Horror (1967); Rafael De Soto painted the one for the pulp magazine Black Mask (Sept/46).

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Artist of the First (or Second) Modern Graphic Novel

1950's Mansion of Evil from Fawcett Gold Medal Books is credited only to the scripter, Joseph Millard. The artist is Bud Thompson. The tiers below, from the story "Guilty of Murder" in the final issue of Fawcett's Captain Marvel Jr.--#119, June 1953--show some of the same silhouetted or partially silhouetted figures as in Mansion of Evil.

Mansion of Evil, CMJ 119

The previous guess on the Mansion of Evil art is George Evans--but only on two of the eleven chapters, when the style is the same throughout.