Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Obscure Shuster: Ace

Just before Joe Shuster did a love story and a filler in the same issue for Standard in 1950 he did a love story for Ace: "Romance on the Range" in Western Love Trails 7, November 1949. The title lasted only from #7 to #9. I'm only just getting into Ace's comics, with the romance titles on the back burner, so I don't know if he did any more for them. The inks are different from the Standard story and filler's, but one way or the other this story's inks don't look at all to me like early Superman work, i.e. Shuster himself.

Monday, June 6, 2022

The Fawcett Movie Adaptation Writers

Otto Binder wrote three of Fawcett's 35 movie comics issues; the series started off written by Joe Millard and then became Leo Dorfman's most notable assignment there.

Here's a page from "Code of the Silver Sage" with Rocky Lane (Motion Picture Comics 102). The clues to lead to Leo Dorfman are "As" and "Just then" in the captions, but the clincher is the use of periods--all of these not exclusive to Dorfman, but used by him much more often than the other writers at Fawcett at the time. "Ivanhoe" and "The Red Badge of Courage" are, as I never tire of pointing out, the "classics in comics" mentioned in an early 70s Superboy text page and taken by fandom at the time as meaning Classics Illustrated.
Motion Picture Comics 101

Fawcett movie one-shots

1949   Dakota Lil Joe Millard
1950   Copper Canyon Millard

  Destination Moon Otto Binder

  Montana Millard

  Pioneer Marshal Millard
  Powder River Rustlers Millard
  Singing Guns Millard

Fawcett Movie Comic

1950 Gunmen of Abilene Binder
Dec/     King of the Bull Whip Leo Dorfman
The Old Frontier Dorfman
10  The Missourians Dorfman
11  The Thundering Trail Dorfman
Aug/     12  Rustlers on Horseback Dorfman
Oct/     13  Warpath Dorfman
Dec/     14  The Last Oupost Dorfman
Feb/52 15  The Man from Planet X Binder
16  Ten Tall Men Dorfman
June/     17  Rose of Cimarron Dorfman
18  The Brigand Dorfman
Oct/     19  Carbine Williams Dorfman
Dec/     20  Ivanhoe Dorfman

Motion Picture

1950 101  The Vanishing Westerner Millard
Jan/51 102  Code of the Silver Sage Dorfman
103  Covered Wagon Raid
104  Vigilante Hideout Dorfman
105  The Red Badge of Courage
Sep/     106  The Texas Rangers
Nov/     107  Frisco Tornado
Jan/52  108  Mask of the Avenger
Mar/     109  Rough Riders of Durango
110  When Worlds Collide
July/     111  The Vanishing Outpost
112  Brave Warrior
Nov/     113  Walk East on Beacon Dorfman
Jan/53  114  Cripple Creek Dorfman