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Woolfolk Records 1946/03

Whiz 85 cover

Stories this month are for Fawcett and Timely. The Johnny Jingle story wasn't paid for, so probably was meant for a second self-published title alongside Mad Hatter. UPDATE: Despite its not being paid for, it seems it was intended for Orbit: in an ad in Patches #4 (July 1946), Johnny Jingle is mentioned as one of the features in a comic that would never actually come out, U.S. No. 1.

The Young Allies story, again, I can't place. The moon creature story in Captain Midnight 50, written in May 1946, is a direct sequel to this moon trip one. Latest update: now that I've actually seen issue 49, I can confirm that the story was in it and not, say, 48.

UPDATE: these are the last of the ten (!) Captain America stories that, from the evidence of the comics themselves, the editors must have written off; I've relisted them as unpublished when I hadn't been sure before. And darkmark found the "Sky Tournament" Captain Midnight story after I posted without that info.

March 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

12 pg Captain Americasteeplechase race
Captain Marvelis knighted
"CM Is Knighted" CM Advs 69, Feb/47
Captain Marvelclock of San Lojardo
"The Clock of San Lojardo" Whiz 85, May/47
Captain Midnightsky tournament
"The Sky Tournament" Capt Mid 53, July/47
14 Amazing Johnny Jingle2 twins who are as one
Captain Marvelthe magic ruby locket
"The Magic Locket" Whiz 83, Mar/47
Captain Marvelthe dog show
"CM Judges a Dog Show" CM Advs 72, May/47
12 Captain Americawoman who gave away money
Young Alliesbutler's & maid's ball
Marvel Mystery [thru 83, July/47]
Ibislonely Triton
"The Lonely Triton" Whiz 86, June/46
Captain Midnighttrip to the moon
"Trip to the Moon" Capt Mid 49, Mar/47

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Joe Orlando's Other Ghost

Joe Orlando used Jerry Grandenetti as a ghost penciller in the mid-Sixties at Warren (on anthology stories and the Adam Link series) and at DC (on The Inferior Five and Scooter). Grandenetti's unmistakable pencils are enough of a clue, but his sound effects lettering was the clincher in an argument, for a while, as to whether Orlando changed his style for a couple of years so it coincidentally resembled Grandenetti's. Once Grandenetti started contributing full art to Warren under his own name, Orlando did some pencilling for himself again—and in cases like the later Adam Link stories, started inking even more heavily so that Grandenetti's pencilling style was, finally, nearly obscured. (How much Orlando contributed at all to "his" DC stories pencilled by Grandenetti, when Mike Esposito inked them, is a question to ponder.)

Creepy 7 pencils by Bill Draut, inks by Joe Orlando

But Jerry Grandenetti wasn't Joe Orlando's only ghost. The art in "Image of Bluebeard" in Creepy 7, Feb/66 (written by Bill Pearson) is credited solely to Orlando, and its pencils have since been attributed to Jerry Grandenetti. This looks more like Orlando himself on pencils again, at first glance, but it isn't. His ghost penciller here is Bill Draut.

more art from Creepy 7

The boy's face in the panel below from DC's Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 12 (Sept/73), "A Change of Bodies" (written by John Albano) is typical of Bill Draut's work. Compare with the policeman in the background in the middle panel above.

Dark Mansion 12 art by Draut

Draut inked Grandenetti at times DC under editor Orlando (Phantom Stranger) and they both worked on Swing with Scooter. Draut contributed to "Ahead of the Game" in Warren's Eerie 2 (March/66)—I haven't the issue to look at any more—did he ink Grandenetti as the GCD says, or pencil for Orlando?

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Woolfolk Records 1946/02

Marvel Family 9 cover
William Woolfolk wrote ten scripts this month for Fawcett and three for Timely.

Note that the editors cut one story by a page but expanded two stories.

Update: I agree with darkmark's comment about the Captain America stories; after looking through the comics themselves with his help and finding neither hide nor hair of these plots, I've relisted the stories here as unpublished.

And I had the "CM Traps a Sleepwalker" issue wrong in the original post; see again the comments.

February 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

9 pg Don Winslowclimbs Mt. Everest
"DW Climbs Mt. Everest" DW 38, Sep/46
12 Captain Americalooks for an apartment
Ibisisle of monoliths
"Isle of Monoliths" Whiz 77, Aug/46
Captain Marvelmagic carpet
"The Wonderful Magic Carpet" Whiz 88, Aug/47
Captain Marvelboy pirate
"The Boy Pirate" Whiz 84, Apr/47
Captain Marvelghostly ghostwriter
"The Ghostly Ghostwriter" CM Advs 68, Dec/46
Captain Marveltraps a sleepwalker
"CM Traps a Sleepwalker" CM Advs 71, Apr/47
12 Captain Americaa rival for C.A.
Captain Marvelking of Terror Island
"The King of Terror Island" CM Advs 73, June/47
12 Captain Americamysterious card
10 Marvel FamilyCapt. Marvel's sickness
11 "CM—Invalid" MF 14, Aug/47
10 Marvel Familythe Vikings
11 "The MF and the Last Vikings" MF 9, Mar/47
Captain MarvelMarvel's record
"CM's Record" CM Advs 72, May/46

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Trapani Pencillers

So far I've called the pencillers on some Sal Trapani stories ghosts, since I've inferred that these Charlton artists were not hired directly by Warren (Bill Molno going uncredited there) or by Gold Key (no one getting credited there at the time).

This post's Gold Key stories, I believe, could have been actual inking assignments given Trapani by the editors; he didn't hire the artists and present the entire art job as his own. I make the assumption because these weren't artists associated with Trapani's "talent pool," Charlton.

In a way they have been ghosts, though, because readers like the Grand Comics Database indexers have attributed the full art to Trapani.

Borsi Karloff 38 pencils by Paul Reinman, inks by Sal Trapani

The pencils for "Happy Weekend" in Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery 38 (December/1971) are by Paul Reinman. (I'm not sure who the writer is.)

Secret Agent 2 pencils by Bob Jenney, inks by Sal Trapani

The penciller on "World-Wide Woman Hunt" in Secret Agent 2 (January/1968) is Bob Jenney. The first issue of this TV tie-in was drawn by Bill Lignante; more than a year elapsed between the two issues with their very different art styles. Both issues were written by Dick Wood.

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Woolfolk Records 1946/01

For those who came in late: William Woolfolk kept records of the comic book scripts he sold in the Forties and Fifties; Donna Woolfolk let Marc Svensson scan the old notebook pages; and I've added publication data (in boldface) where I could, in these transcriptions.

Woolfolk January 1946 records excerpt
Scan © Marc Svensson
You'll see that Woolfolk referred to the Marvel Family as the Captain Marvel Family a few times in his notes, and I've been tacitly transcribing it as the former.

This month's stories sold to the Railroader Ray unknown company of December 1945, as well as Fawcett and Timely.

As of this posting, the Grand Comics Database entry for Mary Marvel 10 has been miscrediting the Dr. Whirro story as a 14-pager written by Otto Binder. In fact, the Dr. Whirro story by Woolfolk is 7 pages and then there's a separate 7-pager, "The Birdmobile," (the cover story) which is indeed by Binder.

I couldn't track down the Young Allies story's publication (if it was published). UPDATE: after not finding the Captain America stories (apart from "Inspector Leeds") anywhere in the comics, I've noted them as unpublished. darkmark found the "Stratosphere Treasure Hunt" publication info that I hadn't. FURTHER UPDATE: In his comment darkmark was correct about the dictator story, as an eventual look at the issue showed.

January 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

14 pg Railroader Raythe race to save a child
Captain Marvelreturn of Aunt Minerva
"The Return of Aunt Minerva" CM Advs 66, Oct/46
12 Captain America24 hours to live
10 Marvel Family3 clues to fortune
"Three Clues to Fortune" MF 12, June/47
12 Captain Americaendowment to help fund C.A.
Mary Marveldead man's house
"MM and the Dead Man's House" MF 9, Mar/47
Captain Midnightstratosphere treasure hunt
"The Stratosphere Treasure Hunt" Capt Mid 45, Oct/46
Mary Marvelthe forest symphony
"Forest Symphony" MF 8, Feb/47
Captain Midnight fights a dictator
8  "Captain Midnight Fights for Freedom" Capt Mid 49, Mar/47
12  Captain America Inspector Leeds' last case
"The Last Case of Inspector Leeds"CA 60, Jan/47
Ibis Ibis on trial
"Ibis the Invincible on Trial" Whiz 78, Sep/46
Mary Marvel Dr. Whirro's future camera
"MM Meets Dr. Whirro" MM 10, Apr/47
Mary Marvel man who talked to animals
"MM and the Man Who Talks to Animals" MM 10, Apr/47
Captain Marvel butterfly hunter
"The Great Butterfly Chase" CM Advs 67, Nov/46
Young Allies mansion for murder
12  Captain America terror on the telephone

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Sal Trapani's Ghosts: Wayne Howard

Wayne Howard worked for DC and did some inking for Marvel, but his chief work was at Charlton. He created the anthology Midnight Tales (1972-76) with its hosts The Midnight Philosopher and Arachne. Each issue had a theme; for instance, the stories in #7 are "Ooze," "Goo," "Sludge," and "Muck."  Professor Cyrus Coffin and his niece Arachne were featured not only in the frame stories but in a number of the main stories as well. Although the series started with scripts by Nicola Cuti and with stories drawn by other artists as well, by the end of the run Howard was writing and drawing the entire issue. The covers were all gags unrelated to the interiors; he got to sign them and thus the book "Created by Wayne Howard."

He's another Charlton artist who showed up at Gold Key ghost pencilling for Sal Trapani. In Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery 43 (Oct/72), Howard pencils "Forbidden Rituals."

Boris Karloff 43 pencilled by Howard, inked by Trapani

My comparison is from Midnight Tales 2 (Feb/73) and the frame story "The Class of '76." The hand to face, little finger separate, is a typical female character's gesture throughout the artist's work.

Midnight Tales 2 art by Howard

Wayne Howard also pencilled for Sal Trapani on "The Stalking Time Bomb" in Boris Karloff 42 (Aug/72). Both BK stories were written by Dick Wood. I believe Howard pencilled for Trapani on the story "My Granddaughter Will Haunt You" in Shadow Play 1 (June/82). Shadow Play and Shroud of Mystery were one-shot last gasps by Western (their comics called no longer Gold Key but Whitman). The stories came out of the recently-cancelled mystery anthologies' inventory. If I'm correct that the writer on "Granddaughter" is Leo Dorfman, then that story was in inventory for about ten years, somehow shelved when Dorfman left as sole author of the Ripley's Believe It or Not title.

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Woolfolk Records Update 1

These are stories listed in William Woolfolk's scripting records whose publication data I hadn't tracked down when I posted the months; but with feedback from darkmark in the respective comments, I've updated the posts themselves and repeat the info (in boldface) here.

The Fawcett editors turned the Sergeant Twilight script into a Captain Midnight story easily enough with the addition of a page. (I missed it because I couldn't decipher "fossil" from Woolfolk's handwriting.)

April 1945
5 pg Ibisthe master of discord
"Music Madness" Ibis 3, Win/45

June 1945
Sergeant Twilightvanishing fossil
8 Captain Midnight"The Vanishing Fossil" Capt Mid 40, May/46

September 1945
Black Venusman tired of fighting fascism
[untitled] Contact 10, Jan/46

October 1945
Captain MarvelLantenego Street
"CM...A Good Neighbor" CM Advs 63, July/46

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Woolfolk Records 1945/12

Marvel Family 13 coverThe Railroader Ray stories payments are noted in his records by Woolfolk, but I have no idea for whom or even if they appeared (possibly they were intended for a giveaway).

Two other publishers this month were Fawcett and Timely; and then three stories (no payments noted) were intended for OW, but the two humor ones were finally published by EC.

Update: These Captain America stories were never published, as far as I can see.

December 1945 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

10 pg Ibiswerewolves of doom
"Werewolves of Doom" Whiz 79, Oct/46
14 Railroader Rayfirst train to Pittsburgh
Ibiswitches' sabbath
"The Witches' Sabbath" Whiz 80, Nov/46
Hector the Inspectorversus the Brain
[untitled] Animal Fables 2, Win/46
12 Captain Americaa bomb is loose
Little Danny Demoncrime does pay
[untitled] AF 4, Sum/47
Mary MarvelCaptain Cligh's treasure
"Captain Cligh's Treasure" MM 8, Dec/46
Mary Marvelglorious beggar
"MM and the Glorious Beggar" MM 9, Feb/47
10 Marvel FamilyMary Batson's inheritance
"Mary Batson's Inheritance" MF 13, July/47
12 Captain Americaa wife for Captain America
14 Railroader Rayson who hates railroads—Johnstown flood
13 Mad Hatterreturn of the Gargoyle
14 Railroader RayRailroader Ray's son

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Plastic Man by Dick Wood

Quality Comics' Plastic Man stopped running all-new issues with a bang as #44 (Jan/1954) came out all-reprint. After that, only the stories listed here were new. With #53 (Apr/54) the title went all-reprint again until it ended with #64 (Nov/56).

I couldn't say who the inkers were. I don't think I've ever seen Charles Nicholas inking himself elsewhere, so I can't tell if he's inking himself here as the GCD states. At least a few of the covers, like #47 here and #51, are pencilled by Nicholas.

These stories can be read at the Digital Comic Museum.

Plastic Man Stories Written by Dick Wood

Mar/54#45 Plastic Man vs. the Inhuman Brutepencils: ?
 [Lotus Lantern]p: ?
May/54#46 Plastic Man Meets the Spiderp: ?
July/54#47 The Fiend of a Thousand Facesp: Charles Nicholas
Sep/54#48 Killer Crossbonesp: Nicholas
Nov/54#49 The Fiendish Mastermindp: Nicholas
Dec/54#50 Trio of Tyrannyp: Nicholas
Jan/55#51 The Incredible Sleep Weaponp: Nicholas
Feb/55#52 The Indestructible Wizardp: Nicholas

Dick Wood's comic book scripting career stretched from "The Claw" in Daredevil for Lev Gleason to Star Trek for Gold Key.

palstic Man 47 cover pencilled by Charles Nicholas
He did a few stories in the Forties at Quality; he was their most prolific writer for a period in the mid-Fifties, after William Woolfolk left.  He wrote the bulk of Blackhawk 1953-55, T-Man 1954-55, Web of Evil 1953-54, GI Combat 1954-56, the final issue of Doll Man in 1953, and the odd romance story. He didn't write any Plastic Man stories (that I've seen) before these.

Wood's most distinctive stylistic quirk lies in his interjections. "Great Scott" turns up in a number of these Plastic Man stories, but what writer didn't use it in the Golden and Silver Ages? "Great Thunder" is used a couple of times here, but that's still not exclusive to Wood.

"Oomph" and "Ooomph" tie together a number of these stories. Villains call Plastic Man "Stretch," "Stretch Boy," and "Rubber Boy."

And then come the true Woodisms. "Suffering cats" is used in three stories, "Suffering mummies" and "Suffering rockets" turn up once apiece. "Thunderation" and "Shades of the Kremlin" are typical. And "Great horrors" he uses much in Web of Evil. One that he uses only twice here is "Suffering Hannah."

Taking out some Gold Keys, I find that interjection used in Man from UNCLE 4 (Jan/1966), along with "Great Hannah." With UNCLE 8 (Sep/66) comes "Great galloping Hannah," "Great cats," and "Suffering gosh." That style of speaking isn't taken from the TV show! Dick Wood is one of the more easily identifiable comic book writers.

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Woolfolk Records 1945/11

Animal Fables 1 cover
Woolfolk wrote stories for Fawcett, EC, Timely, and OW in November.

The gag pages, no payment recorded, were meant for Mad Hatter. The stories that ended up at EC had no payment recorded this month, the same as last month, and must have been paid for some time later.

Again, into 1946 Captain Marvel Adventures is published every three weeks and so dated, for instance, June 7, 1946: I shorten it as June/7/46 in the list.

"The Mad Hatter versus Humpty Dumpty" is another of the few stories bylined William Woolfolk in this era of anonymity.

UPDATE: I missed transcribing the Captain Marvel visits Baltimore story when I published the post. The Whiz Wheaties giveaway edition didn't occur to me for the Ibis devils dolls story until darkmark put his scan online in 2017. It was expanded to 8 pages from the 6 in the script.

November 1945 Comic Books Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg Captain Marveltrotting races
"The Great Harness Race" CM Advs 62, June/7/46
Ibisterror typewriter
"The Terror Typewriter" Whiz 81, Dec/46
Bozo the Bullmeets Salvador the matador
[untitled story] Animal Fables 1, July-Aug/46
11 Captain Marvel meets Sir Marvel
"CM Meets Sir Marvel" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
Hector the Inspector24 hrs to catch crooks
[untitled story] AF 1, July-Aug/46
12 Captain Marvelthe little man who wasn't there
"The Little Man Who Wasn't There" CM Advs 64, Aug/46
Ibisgoes to the races
"Ibis Goes to the Races" Whiz 74, May/46
Ibisthe devil dolls
8 "Ibis and the Devil Dolls" Whiz Comics Wheaties Miniature, 1946
Willy Weasela quiet night at home
[untitled story] AF 1, July-Aug/46
Ibisland of legends
"The Land of Legends" Whiz 82, Jan/47
gag pages
Captain MarvelSivana's jailbreaker
"Sivana's Jailbreaker" CM Advs 76, Sep/47
11 Captain Marvelhouse that time forgot
"The House That Time Forgot" CM Advs 60, May/10/46
Captain Marvelvisits Balt. & boy violin prodigy
"CM Visits Baltimore" CM Advs 68, Dec/46
11 Mad Hatterversus Humpty Dumpty
"The MH vs. Humpty Dumpty" MH 2, Sep-Oct/46
Fireflyhis fatal romance
Freddy Firefly[untitled story] AF 2, Win/46
Mad Hattercrooks trapped just by idea of MH
gag pages
15 Young Alliesroads of destiny
10  Marvel Familycase of talking dog
"The Talking Dog" MF 11, May/47
Mary Marvelquiz show
"MM and the Quizzical Crook" MF 6, Nov/46
Captain Marvel Jr.what people say actually comes true
"CMJ and the Too-True Sayings" MF 6, Nov/46
Captain Marvelman in the mirror
"The Man in the Mirror" MF 13, July/47
Captain Marvelmelancholy clown
"CM and the Melancholy Clown" MF 8, Jan/47
11  Marvel Familymakes the headlines
"The MF Makes the Headlines" MF 6, Nov/46

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Sal Trapani's Ghosts: Jack Keller

The last of Sal Trapani's ghosts on Mod Wheels at Gold Key (after Jack Abel and Charles Nicholas) was Jack Keller. He pencilled both stories in issue 6 (June/1972) with Trapani's inks. Again, with no credits, everything was ghosted here as far as the readers were concerned; but Charlton artists Nicholas and Keller didn't do anything else for Gold Key that I've found, so I'm betting Trapani subcontracted the pencils as he did elsewhere, unknown to the editors.
Mod Wheels #6 page pencilled by Jack Keller and inked by Sal Trapani
KId Colt #74 panel by Jack Keller with same layout as a Mod Wheels panel aboveHere's a panel pencilled and inked by Keller from "Showdown at Horseshoe Flats" in Kid Colt 74 (July/57). Kid Colt is probably Jack Keller's best-known work; he drew the strip for about fourteen years at Atlas/Marvel. But his next-best is a similarly long-lived body of hot rod comics at Charlton, to my mind his connection to Sal Trapani. He also appeared in DC's short-lived Hot Wheels, with hot rod filler pages. Coincidentally, one Hot Wheels story was written by Mod Wheels' Len Wein.

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Woolfolk Records 1945/10

Mad Hatter 2 cover
Here are stories for Fawcett, Timely, and William Woolfolk's company OW; and the first ones meant for OW that ended up at EC (in Animal Fables)—none of the AF stories had a payment entered this month. Boldface in the list shows a couple of names slightly changed between the notebook and the published comics, as well as the other publication info.

"The Devil's Ibistick" was cut by a page, the Freddy Firefly story in Animal Fables 1 by two pages.

"The Golden City" (Mad Hatter) is one of the rare comic book stories published with Woolfolk's byline.

The Young Allies stories are too long to fit anywhere, without multi-page cuts, after their own title was cancelled. Captain Marvel's "A Good Neighbor" I couldn't find for the original posting; darkmark's comment gave me the updated info here.

October 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg Little Danny Demona demon who wants to be good
[untitled] Mad Hatter 1, Jan-Feb/46
Mary MarvelDon Quixote
"Don Quixote Rides Again" Marvel Family 4, Sep/46
10 Ibistalon of terror
"Talon of Terror" Ibis 5, Fall/46
FireflyGrandpa Moth's tall tales
Freddy Firefly[untitled] MH 1, Jan-Feb/46
13 Captain Marvel Jr.too strong for own good
"CMJ Becomes Too Strong" CMJ 44, Nov/46
Katie KangarooHerbie Hippo & the mouse
Korky Kangaroo[untitled] Animal Fables 1, July-Aug/46
15 Young Alliesthe Blunderer
Hasty & Tardycarrots & mushrooms
[untitled] MH 2, Oct/46
13 Mad HatterShangri-La of crime
"The Golden City" MH 2, Oct/46
Captain MidnightUtopia in the sky
"Utopia in the Clouds" Capt Mid 46, Nov/46
Captain MarvelLantenego Street
"CM...A Good Neighbor" CM Advs 63, July/46
FireflyMyrtle's diamond
7 Freddy Firefly[untitled] AF 1, July-Aug/46
12 Ibisthe Devil's Ibistick
11 "The Devil's Ibistick" Ibis 5, Fall/46
Captain MarvelSivana & the fortune teller
"Sivana's Fortune Teller" CM Advs 70, Mar/47
Little Danny Demonschool for evil
  [untitled] AF 1, July-Aug/46
15 Young Alliescreatures of the mirror

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sal Trapani's Ghosts: Rocke Mastroserio

Another artist whom I'm sure Gold Key editors had no idea they were getting when they assigned work to Sal Trapani is Rocke Mastroserio—like Charles Nicholas and Bill Molno, a Charlton workhorse. (I have to watch myself in writing his name because I first encountered it in the credit lines at Warren as Rocco, even though he signed himself Rocke.)

Mastroserio pencilled the Trapani chapters in Gold Key's UFO Flying Saucers 1 (October 1968).

UFO 1 panel by Mastroserio and Trapani

Here are more panels from different pages that echo a layout choice of Mastroserio's.

more UFO 1 panels with layout mentioned in next paragraph

Notice in all three panels the faces in the foreground shadowed on the reader's side. On the second and third panels, note the slant on the face in the background. Compare these panels from different pages in Charlton's Space War 17 (July 1962) story, "The World Where Man Has Wings," full art by Mastroserio (script by Joe Gill). Mastroserio signed the cover duplicating the splash page.

Space War 17 panels by Mastroserio

The other artists on different chapters of the double-size UFO Flying Saucers 1 are Joe Certa, Luis Dominguez, and Alberto Giolitti. The entire issue is written by Leo Dorfman—note the caption "In the next fantastic moment...." He served as sole writer on weird "true fact" anthology comics for runs of Ripley's Believe It or Not at Gold Key and then Ghosts at DC.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/09

Contact Comics 10 cover
Scripts written and noted in William Woolfolk's records this month sell to Timely, Fawcett, Aviation Press, MLJ, and Quality; and two go to his own company, OW.

Five 15-page Young Allies stories written this month through November would have been meant for the team's own title, but it was cancelled and no Allies stories that length were published in other titles afterwards. The Black Venus entry I've updated with data from darkmark's comment; I hadn't tracked it down on my own. Likewise he intuited that I'd misread Woolfolk's Captain Marvel notation as "lonely witch" instead of "lovely"; I've added the publication data, like all the rest, in bold. (At this point the Captain Marvel Adventures date included month, day, and year.)

There is a 14-page Doll Man story on the notebook page, described "chess master," that went unpaid-for and that Woolfolk crossed out.

The Grand Comics Database's "Captain Marvel Junior and the Idol of Vengeance" credit to Woolfolk originated with my seeing his writing style in the 1970s DC reprint of the story.

September 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

15 pg Young Alliesevangelist & the genii
Commando Yankcuriosa club
"The Curiosa Club" Wow 50, Dec/46
10 Ibisbeast in the book
"The Book of Evil" Ibis 6, Spr/48
Mad Hatter mysterygirls don't have adam's apples
"The Case of the Scornful Girl" MH 1, Jan-Feb/46
Golden Eagleace of blades
"The Ace of Blades" Contact 10, Jan/46
Black Venusman tired of fighting fascism
[untitled] Contact 10, Jan/46
Ibisthe mischievous genii
"Fairy Genii" Ibis 5, Fall/46
11 Ibisdragon of Loch Ness
"Loch Ness Dragon" Ibis 5, Fall/46
15 Young Alliesstreet of broken dreams
11 Black Hoodthe dreamer
"Sweet Dreams of Death" Black Hood 17, Win/46
Marthajewels in bon-bons
"A Box of Bon-Bons" Doll Man 13, Sum/47
Captain Marvelthe lovely witch
"CM and the World's Wickedest Witch" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
Fuddy & Bustleabsent minded man looks for himself
[untitled] MH 2, Sept-Oct/46
Captain Marvel Jr.idol of vengeance
"CMJ and the Idol of Vengeance" MF 7, Dec/46
Captain Marvel fictionsun people   10,000 words
33  "CM and the Sun People" CM Story Book 2, Win/47