Friday, September 16, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/12

Marvel Family 13 coverThe Railroader Ray stories payments are noted in his records by Woolfolk, but I have no idea for whom or even if they appeared (possibly they were intended for a giveaway).

Two other publishers this month were Fawcett and Timely; and then three stories (no payments noted) were intended for OW, but the two humor ones were finally published by EC.

Update: These Captain America stories were never published, as far as I can see.

December 1945 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

10 pg Ibiswerewolves of doom
"Werewolves of Doom" Whiz 79, Oct/46
14 Railroader Rayfirst train to Pittsburgh
Ibiswitches' sabbath
"The Witches' Sabbath" Whiz 80, Nov/46
Hector the Inspectorversus the Brain
[untitled] Animal Fables 2, Win/46
12 Captain Americaa bomb is loose
Little Danny Demoncrime does pay
[untitled] AF 4, Sum/47
Mary MarvelCaptain Cligh's treasure
"Captain Cligh's Treasure" MM 8, Dec/46
Mary Marvelglorious beggar
"MM and the Glorious Beggar" MM 9, Feb/47
10 Marvel FamilyMary Batson's inheritance
"Mary Batson's Inheritance" MF 13, July/47
12 Captain Americaa wife for Captain America
14 Railroader Rayson who hates railroads—Johnstown flood
13 Mad Hatterreturn of the Gargoyle
14 Railroader RayRailroader Ray's son

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