Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trapani Pencillers

So far I've called the pencillers on some Sal Trapani stories ghosts, since I've inferred that these Charlton artists were not hired directly by Warren (Bill Molno going uncredited there) or by Gold Key (no one getting credited there at the time).

This post's Gold Key stories, I believe, could have been actual inking assignments given Trapani by the editors; he didn't hire the artists and present the entire art job as his own. I make the assumption because these weren't artists associated with Trapani's "talent pool," Charlton.

In a way they have been ghosts, though, because readers like the Grand Comics Database indexers have attributed the full art to Trapani.

Borsi Karloff 38 pencils by Paul Reinman, inks by Sal Trapani

The pencils for "Happy Weekend" in Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery 38 (December/1971) are by Paul Reinman. (I'm not sure who the writer is.)

Secret Agent 2 pencils by Bob Jenney, inks by Sal Trapani

The penciller on "World-Wide Woman Hunt" in Secret Agent 2 (January/1968) is Bob Jenney. The first issue of this TV tie-in was drawn by Bill Lignante; more than a year elapsed between the two issues with their very different art styles. Both issues were written by Dick Wood.

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