Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/10

Mad Hatter 2 cover
Here are stories for Fawcett, Timely, and William Woolfolk's company OW; and the first ones meant for OW that ended up at EC (in Animal Fables)—none of the AF stories had a payment entered this month. Boldface in the list shows a couple of names slightly changed between the notebook and the published comics, as well as the other publication info.

"The Devil's Ibistick" was cut by a page, the Freddy Firefly story in Animal Fables 1 by two pages.

"The Golden City" (Mad Hatter) is one of the rare comic book stories published with Woolfolk's byline.

The Young Allies stories are too long to fit anywhere, without multi-page cuts, after their own title was cancelled. Captain Marvel's "A Good Neighbor" I couldn't find for the original posting; darkmark's comment gave me the updated info here.

October 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg Little Danny Demona demon who wants to be good
[untitled] Mad Hatter 1, Jan-Feb/46
Mary MarvelDon Quixote
"Don Quixote Rides Again" Marvel Family 4, Sep/46
10 Ibistalon of terror
"Talon of Terror" Ibis 5, Fall/46
FireflyGrandpa Moth's tall tales
Freddy Firefly[untitled] MH 1, Jan-Feb/46
13 Captain Marvel Jr.too strong for own good
"CMJ Becomes Too Strong" CMJ 44, Nov/46
Katie KangarooHerbie Hippo & the mouse
Korky Kangaroo[untitled] Animal Fables 1, July-Aug/46
15 Young Alliesthe Blunderer
Hasty & Tardycarrots & mushrooms
[untitled] MH 2, Oct/46
13 Mad HatterShangri-La of crime
"The Golden City" MH 2, Oct/46
Captain MidnightUtopia in the sky
"Utopia in the Clouds" Capt Mid 46, Nov/46
Captain MarvelLantenego Street
"CM...A Good Neighbor" CM Advs 63, July/46
FireflyMyrtle's diamond
7 Freddy Firefly[untitled] AF 1, July-Aug/46
12 Ibisthe Devil's Ibistick
11 "The Devil's Ibistick" Ibis 5, Fall/46
Captain MarvelSivana & the fortune teller
"Sivana's Fortune Teller" CM Advs 70, Mar/47
Little Danny Demonschool for evil
  [untitled] AF 1, July-Aug/46
15 Young Alliescreatures of the mirror


  1. "Lantenego Street" is "A Good Neighbor" from CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #63.

  2. I've updated the post with that info. I imagine the editors titled the story with the Good Neighbor Policy in mind.