Friday, November 15, 2019

Jetta by Dan DeCarlo--But Not Exclusively

Dan DeCarlo started out Standard's Jetta but did not do the entire three-issue run. "What a Specimen" is indisputably DeCarlo--down to the dog--but "Pardon My Power (the bottom tier here) is just as indisputably not. The girl in the foreground in the second panel sure looks like a Joe Edwards one to me.

I think the inker on most of the Jetta stories and covers is Rudy Lapick, which would help explain the different pencillers' work being taken for that of one; Lapick and DeCarlo have a Leroy story signed together at Standard in Roger Dodger #5 (Aug/52).

Fred Eng signed the Zoomer back-up in #5. His inking credits on #4 are from the Grand Comiucs Database.

I picked out the writing style of Joe Archibald--at this point Standard's editor--on Supermouse, comparing it with his signed work a decade earlier at Ace; when I'm sure of more of his stories for the Mouse of Might I'll start posting those. The ones I've given question marks here are not 100% certainties but fairly good possibilities.


Dec.52 [cover] p: Dan DeCarlo
Man Trouble w: Joe Archibald  p: DeCarlo

Jet Jaunt w: Archibald? p: DeCarlo

Frat Race [ZOOMER] a: Fred Eng
My Cosmic Hero w: Archibald  p: DeCarlo
 Feb/53 [cover] p: DeCarlo
What a Specimen w: Archibald  p: DeCarlo

Music from Afar w: Archibald?  p: not DeCarlo  i: Eng
Time Out for Trouble [ZOOMER] w: Archibald  p: not DeCarlo  i: Eng
Pardon My Power w: Archibald  p: Joe Edwards
Apr/   [cover] p: DeCarlo
Act Your Age! w: Archibald  p: Edwards?
Double Trouble [ZOOMER] w: Archibald? a: Eng?
Atom and Evil w: ? p: same as "Music" in #6  
Celestial Celebrity w: Archibald?  p: Edwards