Monday, June 11, 2018

The Sensation Character Find of 1953--Slinky Stinky

Slinky Stinky
Slinky Stinky on Funny Animals 83 cover
Here's a character-centric update to my transcriptions in this blog's early days of William Woolfolk's records notebook. (The original material is in plain text; bold represents my additions.) For years I couldn't find these stories—I couldn't even find mention of the character online in 2012. That particular long national nightmare is over...

As far as I know, it wasn't until a scan of Fawcett's Funny Animals 83 (by Narfstar and darkmark) was released into the wild that the name Slinky Stinky got onto the Grand Comics Database. I've only just gotten around to looking at the scan.

Although I suspected he was related by the fact that Mr. Pooch was mentioned, Freddy Feline, I now can see, was never in the GCD at all. But the Slinky Stinky story title in FA 82, as now reported, matches up handily with Woolfolk's storyline description.

Woolfolk wrote the entirety of the Slinky Stinky canon, as #83 was the last Fawcett issue.

Written by William Woolfolk in March 1953

9 pg   Freddy Feline wants Pooch's swimming pool
as Slinky Stinky "The Stolen Swimming Pool" Funny Animals 82, Oct/53

In May 1953

9 pg   Slinky Stinky poses as hare in a hare hunt
"Safe—by a Hare!" FA 83, Jan/54
9 pg   Slinky Stinky tries to collect on Mr. Pooch's insurance
"Mr. Pooch's Policy" FA 83, Jan/54