Monday, February 11, 2019

Candy to Felix to Tippy

I've posted some of Jack Mendelsohn's Tippy Teen scripts at Tower recycled from his own Candy ones at Quality. A closer look at his Felix the Cat work at Dell showed me some of those were recycled from Quality—not only Candy but the funny animals. Then I saw that he redid some Felixes for Tippy and her friend Go-Go. (Let me repeat that, from the style, he scripted all these stories—he didn't plagiarize anyone else's.)

A Venn diagram would overlap with one story used at all three publishers:

Candy 44, Felix 3, Go-Go 7 ice cream story

Jack Mendelsohn Felix the Cat
scripts reworked from his Quality ones

Apr-June/63 Frozen Assets
    from "Asleep in the Deep-Freeze"
     CANDY 44 (Nov/53)
July-Sep/     The Vicious Cycle

    from "Nervous Repair Service"

      BUSTER BEAR 6 (Oct/55)

Tale of a Fish

    from "Fish Story"

      MARMADUKE MOUSE 48 (Sep/54)

A Sample Assignment

    from "Buster Gets the Goods"

      BUSTER BEAR 6 (Oct/55)

reworked from Felix in Tippy Teen

Apr/67 12  Beaux & Arrows

    from "Beaux and Arrows"

      FELIX 2 (Jan-Mar/63)
Oct/     16  Foul Weather Friends

    from "Fair Weather Enemies"

      FELIX 3 (Apr-June/63)

in Go-Go and Animal

Dec/ 67 The Ice-Cream Man Cometh
    from "Asleep in the Deep-Freeze"
      CANDY 44 (Nov/53)

    via "Frozen Assets"

      FELIX 3 (Apr-June/63)