Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/01

Love Diary 32 'A Heart Like Stone' splash

Scripts sold to Quality, Fawcett, Orbit.

William Woolfolk's editorial work for Orbit's Ray Hermann paid at the same page rate as writing. At this point he starts identifying each story's purchaser by a code letter; in my post about May 1953 I thought "R" for Orbit stood for romance, but now that I've seen him writing crime for her as well, I'd say it stands for "Ray." Her company went under a number of corporate names, of course, and I've been using just Orbit during this period for clarity's sake.

I haven't found the Ken Shannon "disappearing girl" story.

January 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Doll Man Darrel Dane's bodyguard
"Darrel Dane's Bodyguard" DM 41, Aug/52
Ibis magician in the mirror
"The Magician in the Mirror" Whiz 149, Sept/52
Captain Marvel Jr. world's mightiest shadow
"CMJ and the World's Mightiest Shadow" CMJ 113, Sept/52
Blackhawk. the mammoth bombs
"The Horror Bomb" BH 55, Aug/52
10  Man with Nine Lives the story of gangster who survived 10 assassination attempts
"The Man with Nine Lives" Wanted 48, July/52
10  Puncture-Proof Assassin Jack Legs Diamond, the bulletproof informer
"The Puncture-Proof Assassin" Down with Crime 6, Sept/52
Ken Shannon case of the absent corpse
"Case of the Absent Corpse" Police 118, Aug/52
10  Case for the Morgue are men like Dillinger heroes?
"Case for the Morgue" DWC 6, Sept/52
10  A Heart Like Stone girl who is too, too frank
7  "A Heart Like Stone" Love Diary 32, Dec/52
Ken Shannon a girl who disappears without a single trace
Blackhawk the terrible termite tanks
"The Terrible Termite Tanks" BH 57, Oct/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the moving mountain
"CMJ and the Moving Mountain" CMJ 113, Sept/52
Captain Marvel Jr. Cap'n Smollett's treasure
"CMJ and Captain Smollet's Treasure" CMJ 113, Sept/52
10  Shannon's Girl she belongs to man everyone fears
6  "Shannon's Girl" L Diary 29, Jul/52
Captain Marvel Jr. wise men persecuted because they can predict storms etc.
"CMJ and the Ruler of the Earth" CMJ 114, Oct/52
editorial work on story for Ray Hermann
Captain Marvel Jr. Sir Edgewise in King Arthur's court
"Sir Edgewise in King Arthur's Court" CMJ 114, Oct/52

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Dell TV Tie-ins

There are a number of early Dell Sixties writers I haven't been able to identify and may never. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are non-comics writers contacted by the "new" company as it split off from Western. Herbert D. Kastle (Brain Boy), Berhardt J. Hurwood (the Dracula Movie Classic), and Burt Hirschfeld (no specifics known) are three writers identified more with paperback work.

Carl Memling's writing I can identify; here are two of his short-run TV tie-ins. He stayed on each twice as long as any of the artists! "Ulppp" as seen in this page from Defenders 2 is a Memlingism.

Defenders 2 'Ulppp'

I can't figure the inker on Mike Sekowsky's pencils in Stoney Burke 1; the inks don't look like Mike Peppe's over Sekowsky as in Man from UNCLE or The Frogmen. I'd show a page but I'm having some problems staying logged in to the public-domain site with the downloads.

The Defenders

Nov/62 #1  The Defenders w: Carl Memling  a: Frank Springer
Apr/63 #2  Trial by Fury w: Memling  a: Gerald McCann

Stoney Burke

Aug/63 #1  Big Man, Big Hate w: Carl Memling  p: Mike Sekowsky
Nov/     #2  Target for a Sniper w: Memling  a: Jack Sparling

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Robin Hood Tales

Quality's companion title to Exploits of Daniel Boone was Robin Hood Tales—they were not only the company's last major titles at around a year's duration apiece, but each accompanied a number of other companies' late-50s versions of the public-domain heroes on the stands. The two titles shared the writers Joe Millard and Robert Bernstein, as far as I've seen the only two working for Quality by then.

Ogden Whitney not only drew #1's interior Robin Hood stories, he did the cover, a move uncharacteristic for Quality; the other covers are by the expected team of Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera. Whitney was about the only artist who got to sign his work at the company at this point, although over in the romance titles, not here. The artist of #2-6 is the main artist on Daniel Boone: Sam Citron. (Note his typical speed lines as Maid Marian turns her head.) For all the decades in which fandom attributed to Citron much of Pete Riss's work earlier at Quality (he's still given the credit for many of Riss's Superman stories), some of the work he actually did has gone unidentified.

I believe the artist on #2-6's back-up stories is Harry Anderson (as seen in the second tier here, from #2). I'd now ID him on the back-up frontier story in Exploits of Daniel Boone 6 (Sep/56), "War to the Finish."

Robin Hood Tales 2--'Rescue of Maid Marian' art by Sam Citron, 'Saracen Ambus'h art bu Harry Anderson

Robin Hood Tales
#1 a: Ogden Whitney; #2-6 a: Sam Citron

Feb/56 The Trapping of Robin Hood w: Joe Millard
The Wrath of Robin Hood w: Millard
The Black Knight of Castle Fury w: Millard
 Apr/   Rescue of Maid Marian w: Millard
The Scourge of the Bailiff w: Robert Bernstein
The Golden Rain w: Millard
 Jun/    The Scroll of Doom w: Millard 
The Miserly Miller of Mimms w: Millard
The Knight in Red Armor w: Bernstein
 Aug/    Ambush of the Merry Men w: Bernstein
Little John's Peril w: Bernstein
An Arsenal of Hate w: Bernstein
 Oct/    Menace of the Royal Assassins w: Bernstein
The Baron's Tyranny w: Bernstein
The Capture of Robin Hood w: Bernstein
 Dec/    The Plot to Destroy Robin Hood w: Bernstein
The Ransom of Maid Marian w: Bernstein
The Knight Who Hated Chivalry w: Bernstein

Miscellaneous Medieval Stories in
Robin Hood Tales

#1 a: Citron; #2-6 a: Harry Anderson

Feb/56 Engines of War w: ?
 Apr/     Saracen Ambush w: ?
 Jun/    The Recue of King John w: Millard
 Aug/    Sir Guy's Worst Fate w: ?
 Oct/    The Miser's Secret w: Bernstein
 Dec/    Sir Darton's Deal with Doom w: Bernstein