Monday, October 3, 2011

Hawkman Writers 1967

When Murray Boltinoff took over editing Hawkman from Julius Schwartz, credits appeared in only two issues. The art team on all six issues was Blackhawk's penciller and inker, Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera. Joe Kubert did the cover to #27, and I believe Jack Abel inked Dillin's cover for #24. The writers credited were Bob Haney on #22 and Raymond Marais on #26; the letters page in #24 did say that Haney was no longer writing the book.

Hawkman Writers under Murray Boltinoff

Oct-Nov/66#22 Quoth the Falcon, "Hawkman Die!"Bob Haney
Dec-Jan/67#23 The Hawkman from 1,000,000 B.C.Richard Hughes
Feb-Mar/67#24 The Robot Raiders from Planet MidnightHughes
Apr-May/67#25 Return of the Death GoddessHughes
June-July/67#26 Last Stand on ThanagarRaymond Marais
Aug-Sep/67#27 ...When the Snow-Fiend StrikesMarais

Richard Hughes edited and wrote for Standard in the Forties, then ACG; when he instituted credits at the latter in the Sixties, he was pretty much the sole writer under an army of pen names. After ACG folded, he did a little more writing at DC, whose owners overlapped with ACG's.  At DC, by the way, he adapted his style in the captions from past tense to present to conform to the house style in superhero scripts.

From Hawkman 23 and the Nemesis story "Come Out Shooting" in ACG's Adventures into the Unknown 165 (June-July/66), the latter credited to writer "Shane O'Shea" and artist Chic Stone, note the sound effect spelled in a way I haven't seen from anyone else at DC:

Hawkman 23 and AITU 165 panels by Richard Hughes sharing sound effect 'Pouf'

And from the same two stories, the hyphenation and length of "Oh-hhhh" typical of Hughes:

Hawkman 23 and AITU 165 panels by Hughes sharing 'Oh-hhhh'

"The Bride of Titanman" in Lois Lane 79 (Nov/67) contains an "Oh-hhh" and for good measure an "Oh-hhhhh." (It also has a man in the street leering "Woo-woo" at Lois, as happens in "Come Out Shooting.") The final panel of "The Wrongo Superman" in Jimmy Olsen 114 (Sep/68) gives us six "Pouf"s; a panel in Hawkman 24 can come up with only three:

Hawkman 24 panel with three 'Pouf's


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    I agree with you on Abel inking the cover to Hawkman # 24. I sent the GCD the info, citing your website. Your identification of writing credits is important information and greatly appreciated.

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