Thursday, October 20, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/07

Blonde Phantom 12 cover
To reiterate: in regular type is my transcription of William Woolfolk's comic book script-selling records (minus, for brevity, the payment sums). My additions of publication data are in bold type. I've seen the records through the auspices of Donna Woolfolk and Marc Svensson.

Woolfolk averaged 120 or so pages of scripts a month, I'd estimate, hitting 202 pages in November 1945. After this month's uncharacteristically low 44 pages he'll work his way back to over 120 a month.

These stories sold to Timely and Parents, and again one was meant for his short-lived own company OW—the eventual payment wasn't recorded this month—but published by EC.

And "Party Line" netted $15 a page, when the best price from the usual publishers was $10, so I suspect it was for a promotional giveaway comic.

July 1946 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg Party Line
12 Freddy Fireflyego exchanger
"Freddy Firefly Meets Professor Mantis" Animal Fables 4, Sum/47
Blonde Phantomrocket atom bombs
"Skyride to Doom" [Chapter I] BP 12, Win/47
Dig Baileysalvage of racing yacht
"Salvage of the Santa Maria" Calling All Boys 10, Mar/47
Blonde Phantomrocket atom bombs
"Chapter II Skyride to Doom" BP 12, Win/47

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