Monday, October 24, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/08

Lance O'Casey 4 cover

This month Woolfolk sold stories to Fawcett, Parents, and Timely; and there are two more meant for OW but published by EC.

I couldn't find the issue number of the Dig Bailey story.

August 1946 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg Lance O'Caseyleopard men of atoll
"The Leopard Men of Bonge Atoll" LO'C 4, Sum/47
Hector the Inspector[untitled] Animal Fables 5, Aug/47
11 Lance O'Caseycurse of age
"The Curse of Age" LO'C 4, Sum/47
Danny Demon[untitled] AF 6, Sep-Oct/47
Dig BaileyTugboat Susie
Calling All Boys
Blonde Phantomdust of doom
10 Captain AmericaLaughing Boy
"Death Enters—Laughing" CA 61, Mar/47
Captain Americacrime from prison
"Prison Plunder" Marvel Mystery 81, Mar/47

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