Friday, October 14, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/06

Animal Fables 3 cover
These stories sold to Timely and the unknown Railroader Ray company; and this month, Woolfolk noted payment received (but entered in the notebook some time later?) from EC.

The first "Fuddy and Bustle" story (on the September 1945 records) appeared in Mad Hatter 2, the swan song of Woolfolk's company OW; there's no payment noted for this one. EC didn't pick up that series.

"Billy Boy's Fancy," on the other hand, was paid for, but at less than the usual companies' rates; I have no idea where or if it appeared.

June 1946 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg Freddy Fireflyinvasion of the bees
[untitled] Animal Fables 3, Spr/47
Danny Demonmysterious Mr. Fiend
[untitled] AF 3, Spr/47
Korky Kangroothe old witch
[untitled] AF 4, Sum/47
Rusty the Lonesome Trainlonely train
[untitled] AF 7, Nov-Dec/47
Young Alliesmayor for a day
"Terror at Twilight" Marvel Mystery 83, July/47
Hector the Inspectormost conceited crook
[untitled] AF 3, Spr/47
Aesop Fableshare & tortoise, ant & grasshopper
3 "The Hare and the Tortoise" AF 3, Spr/47
2 "The Ant and the Grasshopper" AF 3, Spr/47
Billy Boy's Fancyloses his merry go round horse
14 Railroader Raybuilding a tunnel
Young Alliesthe Crossbow
Fuddy & Bustlein a haunted house

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  1. I'm thinking that Railroader Ray might have been a filler strip in MODEL RAILROADER, but without documentation we'll never know.