Monday, October 10, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/05

Captain Midnight 50 cover

William Woolfolk's scripts this month were written for Fawcett, Timely, and the Association of Banks; one ended up at EC; and another was a Railroader Ray backup for the unknown publisher of earlier months.

Lastly, "Action Unlimited" went unpaid-for at this point, intended for another OW title, but eventually sold to Orbit. Possibly because he expected to publish it himself, the script carried Woolfolk's writing credit, which Orbit kept.

May 1946 Comic Book Stories by William Woolfolk

4 pg railroad story
Bozo the Bullat the rodeo
[untitled] Animal Fables 2, Win/46
Captain Marvelsaves Sivana
"CM Saves Sivana" CM Advs 78, Nov/47
Captain Midnightmoon creature
"The Moon Creatures" Capt Mid 50, Apr/47
20 Action Unlimitedson of a fascist
10 "Action Unlimited" Wanted 31, Nov/50
11 "Action Unlimited (Part Two)" Wanted 32, Dec/50
Assoc. of Bankspossibly in "Peter Penny and His Magic Dollar" giveaway, 1947, from American Bankers Assoc.
Young Alliesclown who couldn't laugh
"The Clown Who Killed for a Laugh" Sub-Mariner 22, Spr/47
Young AlliesMother Goose murders
"The Mother Goose Murders" Marvel Mystery 81, Mar/47

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