Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/10

Blackhawk 15 cover

William Woolfolk's scripts in October went to Quality, Fawcett, and Timely.

Not only does the Blonde Phantom story in issue 13 of her title fit the number of pages given for this month's undescribed script, but it's in Woolfolk's style—the exclamation "Good glory!" (the BP story, top) is one clue to his work, as seen in another tier from the Captain America story (bottom) in Marvel Mystery 83 that Woolfolk submitted in September.

Blonde Phantom 13 tier (art by Syd Shores) and Marvel Mystery 83 Captain America tier, sharing exclamation 'Good Glory'

The Hopalong Cassidy story's final disposition is a mystery to me.

October 1946 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

11 pg Blackhawkisland in the sky
"The Island in the Sky" BH 15, Sum/47
Hopalong Cassidyplays a bluff
Blonde Phantom"Peril from the Past" BP 13, Spr/47
12 Blackhawksky matador
"The Sky Matador" BH 15, Sum/47
13 Doll ManFat Catt
"The Man with Nine Lives" Feature 110, May/47
Captain Americagets amnesia
"24 Hours of Terror" Marvel Mystery 82, May/47
Captain Americamurder at the Mardi Gras
6 "The Murder at the Mardi Gras" BP 16, Win/47-48
12 Doll ManLazarus returns from the dead
"The Man Who Returned from the Dead" DM 13, Sum/47

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