Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/04

Feature 117 cover

These posts present my transcriptions of William Woolfolk's Golden Age comic book script-writing and -selling records from his handwritten notebook. Donna Woolfolk allowed the pages to be scanned by Marc Svensson. Boldface shows my addition of publication data not in the records.

Stories sold this month to Timely, Quality, Fawcett, EC, and Orbit.

I couldn't tell which Babs story went in which issue of Ozzie & Babs. NON-UPDATE: The Babs stories in both #1 and 2 concern department stores!

April 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg Human Torchgirl runs a trucking line
"The Hyena Strikes" HT 30, May/48
11 Doll Manvs. Polka Dot
"Polka Dot on the Spot" Feature 117, Dec/47
Babsdep't store
Ozzie & Babs 1, Dec/47 or 2, Mar/48
11 Doll Manin a sideshow
"Mr. Skeleton" Feature 118, Jan/48
Hector the Inspectorworld's dumbest crook
"HTI Meets the World's Dumbest Crook" Animal Fables 7, Nov-Dec/47
Freddy FireflyAtomic Bug
"FF versus Atomic Bug" AF 7, Nov-Dec/47
11 Babsdress contest
O&B 1, Dec/47 or 2, Mar/48
11 Doll Manboy who knew all the answers
"The Boy Who Knew All the Answers" DM 15, Win/47
12 Captain Americaversus the Matador
"Meet the Matador" CA 65, Jan/48
Ibisthe Ibistick fails
"The Ibistick Fails" Whiz 92, Dec/47
Captain Marvelworld's worst actor
"The World's Worst Actor" CM Advs 79, Dec/47
11 Doll Mantranscontinental railroad
"The Undertaker" DM 15, Win/47
10 Blonde Phantomsultan of bankrupt country
"The Sultan Strikes" BP 16, Win/47-48
Juvenile DelinquentJay Jostyn
"Jay Jostyn: Radio's Mr. District Attorney" Wanted 9, Sept-Oct/47
Captain MarvelMinerva's true love
"Minerva's True Love" CM Advs 79, Dec/47
Captain Marvel Jr.wolf of Wall St.
"The Wolf of Wall Street" CMJ 55, Nov/47
12 Doll Manman in iron mask
"The Man in the Iron Mask" DM 15, Win/47
Captain Marvel run by machines
"The City of Machines" Master 86, Dec/47

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