Friday, November 11, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/12

Animal Fables 5 cover For December 1946 through February 1947 in his notebook, William Woolfolk went back to leaving his scripts undescribed.

Here are stories that sold to Fawcett, Quality, and Timely; and stories that had to have been directly commissioned from EC (Land of the Lost being an established title), after it had been buying Woolfolk's inventory of stories meant for his own company, OW.

The 13-page Blackhawk stories this month and next may have been written in the opposite order, but the Modern 63 and 64 stories are in Woolfolk's style and would have to fit here.

This is the only Ibis slot in Whiz where a story will fit amid the described ones written in earlier and later months; January and February's, at 6 and 7 pages, will form a two-parter.

December 1946 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

11 pg Doll ManFeature or DM
Aesop FableAnimal Fables
Land of the LostLand of the Lost 8, Nov-Dec/47 or 9, Spr/48
Blonde PhantomMarvel Mystery or BP
11 Doll ManFeature or DM
Freddy Firefly"Firefly Battles the Red Ants" AF 5, July-Aug/47
Captain Marvel Jr.Master or CMJ
Ibis"The School for Sorcerers" Whiz 90, Oct/47
Blonde PhantomMar Mys or BP
13 Blackhawk"Invaders from the Moon" Modern 64, Aug/47
Captain Marvel Jr.Master or CMJ or Marvel Family
Mary MarvelWow or MM or MF

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  1. One of those Doll Man 11-pagers is probably "The Two-Gun Viscount" from DOLL MAN #14.