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Woolfolk Records 1947/01

Modern 64 cover
This is the second of three successive months where William Woolfolk went back to leaving the scripts undescribed in his records notebook. All boldface, as usual, shows my guesses at publication.

As I said on the December 1946 post, the 13-page Blackhawk stories this month and last may have been written in the opposite order, but the Modern 63 and 64 stories are in Woolfolk's style and their writing would have to fit in December-January.

Woolfolk wrote the 14-page story in Kid Eternity 7 but not 6 or 8, by the style, and the next 14-pager he wrote, in July 1947, is described—it's in number 9.

This 6-page Ibis story's direct sequel is next month's 7-pager, both involving the villain the Cat.

The Miss America and Sub-Mariner stories of these lengths in Blonde Phantom 13 read like Woolfolk's style to me and the ones in 14 don't. Although a Spring cover date, on sale in Winter, meant almost no turnaround time for art and production, I feel these are the stories. If the on-sale date was much earlier than the very end of Winter quarter (late March) then, my seeing his style or no, this month's scripts couldn't have gotten into that issue. Blonde Phantom dropped from 52 pages to 36 with issue 13; I presume the editors had to hustle to fill a space with non-BP material.

Scripts sold to Timely, EC, Quality, and Fawcett this month.

January 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

5 pg Miss America"Burning Witness" Blonde Phantom 13, Spr/47   ?
Sub-Mariner"Cruise of Death" BP 13, Spr/47   ?
FableAnimal Fables
13 Blackhawk"Thunder Bird" Modern 65, Sep/47
11 Doll ManFeature or DM
Captain Marvel Jr.Master or CMJ
14 Kid Eternity"Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum..." KE 7, Autumn/47
14 Doll ManDM 13, Sum/47 or 14, Autumn/47
Blonde PhantomMarvel Mystery or BP if cut by at least 1 page; otherwise unpublished
Ibis"The Man with Nine Lives" Whiz 88, Aug/47
Blonde PhantomMar Mys or BP
Captain Marvel Jr.Master or CMJ
Sergeant TwilightCaptain Midnight
12 Kid EternityKE

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