Monday, November 7, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1946/11

Hopalong Cassidy 8 cover

These William Woolfolk scripts sold to Fawcett and Quality. The Mary Marvel story was cut by a page.

Woolfolk reused the flame planes concept from the Captain Midnight story he wrote in March 1945.

And this is the first month where I could add every single story's publication data to the original notations (boldface shows what wasn't in the records notebook).

November 1946 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg Hopalong Cassidyphantom stage coach
"The Phantom Stagecoach" HC 8, June/47
15 Blackhawkflame planes
"The Flame Planes" Modern 62, Apr/47
Captain Marvel who hated midnight
"The Man Who Feared Midnight" CMJ 51, July/47
Mary Marveltown couldn't lie
7 "The Town That Couldn't Lie" Marvel Family 13, July/47
Captain Marvel Jr.magic cap
"The Magic Cap" CMJ 51, July/47
11 Doll Man20 year old mail
"The Return of the Undertaker" Feature 111, June/47
11 BlackhawkCondor Man
"The Condor Man" BH 16, Autumn/47
11 Doll ManMr. Curio & his miniatures
"Mr. Curio and His Miniatures" Feature 112, July/47
Ibishousing shortage ghosts
"Ghost of a Chance" Whiz 87, July/47
Captain Marvel round the Horn
"Voyage 'Round the Horn" Master 81, July/47


  1. The cover title for the Doll Man story in FEATURE #111 was "The Return of the Undertaker".

  2. I've updated it from the "untitled story" of the original posting, darkmark. I realized that I'm using Quality cover titles elsewhere when there's no title on the splash (in future postings, at any rate), so this makes things consistent.