Friday, November 25, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/03

March 1947's stories sold to Timely, Fawcett, and Quality; and, I'm pretty sure, Orbit—next month, Woolfolk records a better-described crime story that I could narrow down to a specific issue of Wanted, paid at the same rate as this one.

The Mary Marvel story was cut by a page. UPDATE: I posted it as appearing in MARVEL FAMILY 19 until corrected.

March 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg Sub-Marinerships of all eras
"Viking's Vengeance" S-M 24, Win/48
12 Captain MarvelMr. Atom
"CM Meets Mr. Atom" CM Advs 78, Nov/47
11 Doll Manhorse race & boy
"The Sphinx" Feature 115, Oct/47
True Detective MysteryWanted
Captain Marvel who lived forever
"The Man Who Lived Forever" CMJ 54, Oct/47
12 Human Torchthief of Bagdad
"Terror from Baghdad" Mar Mys 84, Oct/47
Blonde PhantomFrankenstein's castle
"Horror at Haunted Castle" BP 14, Sum/47
11 Doll Mancrime doctor
"Elbows" Feature 116, Nov/47
11 Captain Marvel Jr. phantom canoe
"The Phantom Canoe" CMJ 56, Dec/47
Mary Marvelenchanted forest
6 "MM in the Enchanted Forest" MM 19, Dec/47
Marvel Familycurse on Marvels
"The Marvel Family Curse" MF 17, Nov/47
Ibisman who escaped from Hell
"Ibis and the Man who Escaped" Whiz 91, Nov/47


  1. One correction: "The Enchanted Forest" was in MARY MARVEL #19, not MARVEL FAMILY #19.

  2. Thanks--I gave MF 19's date too, but had down the number of pages as cut to 6, which matches up with the story in MM 19, not the Mary one in MF 19. Not sure what happened here!