Monday, November 21, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/02

Animal Fables 6 cover
This is the final month of the three where William Woolfolk left his scripts undescribed in his notebook. Some stories I've narrowed down to the likely title by page number; at this point the Blackhawk stories in Modern were 15 and then 13 pages, so this month's 12 and 14 pagers wouldn't fit there. "The Robe of Lucifer" is the only 12-page Doll Man from this period not already in Woolfolk's records (and it is in his style).

This 7-page Ibis has to be Part Two to last month's 6-page Part One in Whiz 88, featuring the Cat. The Ibis stories by Woolfolk in Whiz Comics' 80s and 90s are described in earlier and later months in these records; 85's is the sole story by someone else, as I interpret the styles. 88-90 have to fit in December-February's lists of scripts.

Stories sold to Timely, Quality, EC, and Fawcett this month.

February 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg Doll Man"The Robe of Lucifer" DM 14, Autumn/47
12 Sub-MarinerMarvel Mystery or S-M
11 Doll ManFeature or DM
Hector the Inspector[untitled] Animal Fables 6, Sep-Oct/47
12 Human TorchMarvel Mystery or HT
12 BlackhawkBH
Captain MarvelWhiz or CM Advs or Marvel Family
Freddy Firefly[untitled] AF 6, Sep-Oct/47
14 BlackhawkBH
Ibis"Death of the Cat" Whiz 89, Sept/47
13 Kid EternityHit or KE

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