Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/07

Here's my transcription of William Woolfolk's July 1945 sales records of comic book scripts. Bold indicates my additions of publication data. The original notebook was scanned by Marc Svensson through the courtesy of Donna Woolfolk.

Most of the sales this month are divided between Fawcett and Quality, and one story is sold to Hillman. And then one script, the Mad Hatter, has no payment marked received in the notebook because Woolfolk published that comic book himself (as an owner of OW Publications). This first story of the character appeared in the second issue because the printer fouled up badly; the first issue was planned for 52 pages but came out at 36.

UPDATE: I found this Manhunter story in Woolfolk's style after posting; the next one he writes, in August 1945, is published in Police 53.

July 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

13 pg Doll ManFeature
10 Manhunter[untitled] Police 52, Mar/46
13 Doll Man crime city
"The City of Crime" Feature 100, July/46
10 Ibisreturn of Titans
"The Revolt of the Titans" Ibis 6, Spr/48
Captain Marvelgreatest actor
"CM Meets the World's Greatest Actor" Marvel Family 6, Nov/46
Captain Marvel Jr. whistle wouldn't stop
"The Whistle That Wouldn't Stop" Master 72, Sep/46
15 Mad Hatterman who becomes gorilla
[untitled] MH 2, Sep-Oct/46
Captain Midnightcentenarian sky ride
"Ten Tickets to Terror" Capt Mid 55, Sep/47
Sally O'NeilNational
10 Sky WolfOrien & one winged bird
"The Bird with One Wing" Airboy vol. 2 no. 11, Dec/45
The Whistlernamesake murders
"Another Namesake Murder" National 54, June/46
Swing SissonFeature


  1. Great, Martin! I cannot wait until the Timely records are unearthed!

  2. Doc, you'll only have to wait a few days for the first of them. Woolfolk gets back to writing for Timely with the next month from the notebook, August 1945.

  3. Great! What did I already miss? Did you post any previous Woolfolk writing credits?

  4. His last Timely credit previous to this was a Captain America in October 1944. But that was during the period that I skipped (for now) because he wasn't describing any stories at all in the notebook, as with the first Doll Man and three others above.

  5. SInce Woolfolk left it undescribed, I haven't run it down yet.