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Mighty Samson 1970s Index

The original run of Mighty Samson, from 1964 to 1969, was written entirely by Otto Binder—both Samson and backup Tom Morrow stories. Frank Thorne drew issues 1-7's Samson stories, Jack Sparling the Samson and Tom Morrow in issues 8-20; Mike Sekowsky pencilled and Mike Peppe inked the first Tom Morrow story in 7. Mo Gollub (among others?) painted the covers of issues 1-4, and George Wilson those of 5-20.

21, 22, and 32 were reprint issues.

1970s Mighty Samson Revival Writers and Artists

Mar/74#23 In the Country of the Blindw: Gerry Boudreau
a: José Delbo
Jun/74#24 The Manchu of C'nal Streetw: Boudreau
a: Delbo & Jack Abel
Sep/74#25 The Fugitivesw: Boudreau
a: Delbo & Abel
Dec/74#26 The Pollution Peoplew: Boudreau
a: Delbo & Abel
Mar/75#27 Noah's Arkw: Allan Moniz
a: Delbo & Abel
Jun/75#28 Samson's Mastersw: Paul S. Newman
a: Abel
Sep/75#29 Journey into the Pastw: John David Warner
a: Abel
Dec/75#30 The Balloon Godsw: Arnold Drake
a: Abel
Mar/76#31 The Attack of the Lepidop-Terrorw: Drake
a: Abel
in Gold Key Champion

May/78#2 The Night Glowersw: Drake
a: Don Heck

The covers of 23, 24, and GK Champion 2 were painted by George Wilson; those of 25-31 by Luis Dominguez.

The Comic Reader 96 (Apr/73) said "...Mighty Samson is returning to the stands in a new title by Gerry Boudreau and José Delbo...", meaning 23. Issues 28-30 contain writer and artist credits. The rest of the credits here are my IDs of the respective styles.

Mighty Samson 25 page; pencils: Delbo, inks: Abel

The Grand Comics Database credits Abel with writing 23, nobody with pencilling, and Delbo with inking.  The GCD says that art experts see Delbo ghost-pencilling for Abel on 28, but 24-27 (a page from 25 is shown here) are the ones where I see Abel's inks, and they let a lot of Delbo's pencils show through. Abel's style overwhelms 28, if there's anybody but himself to overwhelm.

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