Monday, August 29, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/08

Mad Hatter 1 cover: 'A Man Who Returned from Death as a Gorilla'
The printer's foul-up I mentioned in the post about July 1945 meant that the Mad Hatter 1 cover illustrated the story that ended up in issue 2.

Sales to Fawcett, Quality, Timely, and Holyoke/Aviation Press; and another Mad Hatter unpaid-for because it was written for Woolfolk's own company, OW.

The Sybil feature was paid for, at the same rate as Black Raiders and Chin Chop, so I imagine it went unpublished like those stories—I can't find it anywhere. I couldn't track down the Super Rabbit story's publication. UPDATE: I found the Manhunter falcons story since first posting.

Woolfolk crossed out one entry in the notebook: what would have been his last Spirit story (thus making one he wrote in October 1944 his last sold). Instead of "payment received" on this one he noted "duplicate plot" but gave no description.

August 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg Captain Marvelman who made earthquakes
"The Man Who Made Earthquakes" CM Advs Wheaties Giveaway, 1945
12 Captain Midnightgoes to Arabia
"Adventure in Arabia" Capt Mid 51, May/47
Swing Sissonbanquet for absent guests
[untitled] Feature 96, Mar/46
12 Captain MidnightAlbright's treachery
"Captain Albright's Treachery" Capt Mid 51, May/47
15 Plastic ManDr. Erudite's double
[untitled] Police 53, Apr/46
Black Raidersbird master
Super Rabbitduplicator machine
All Surprise or Comedy or Comic Capers or Ideal or Movie Tunes or Super Rabbit
11 Mad Hatterdate with M H
"A Date with the Mad Hatter" MH 1, Jan-Feb/46
2 outlines—Merlin & Miss Espionage
[never scripted; unpubl]
12 Young Alliespygmies & Quex crown
"The Crown of Quetzacoatl" YA 20, Oct/46
Chin Chopfake diamonds
Captain Marvel Jr.the zombie master
"CMJ and the Zombie Master" Master 75, Dec/46
10 ManhunterHoudini under water
[untitled] Police 53, Apr/46
12 Ibisjaguar men
"Menace of the Jaguar Men" Ibis 3, Win/45
Sybilmistaken for rich gal—fortune hunter
Sybillady wrestler
10 Manhunterthe falcons of death
"The Vengeance" Police 56, July/46
12 IbisSir Hector's shield
Ibis 4, Spr/46
Tommy Tomahawkthe Tasmanian plot
[untitled] Contact 10, Jan/46


  1. "Duplicate Plot" might be a note to the effect that a Spirit story had a plot lifted from another detective story. Woolfolk did that at least once with a Raymond Chandler short story, and it might have signified that a Spirit story was rejected because they learned of the plagiarism. Or not. No way to know at this date.

  2. I've seen Woolfolk reuse situations from his earlier stories once or twice, although the new story went off in a different enough direction. There's a Doll Man of his that lifts the first line from "Citizen Kane" but otherwise has nothing to do with the movie.

  3. I'm thinking the Super Rabbit story might be the one from ALL SURPRISE COMICS #9, which has the first line "I'm Super Rabbit!" "No, I am!" according to the GCD. But we don't have the comic yet, so it's QED.