Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/03

I'm transcribing William Woolfolk's comic book scriptwriting records from the Forties. For January and February 1945, I included scans of the original pages, but from here on I'll stick to presenting just the information relevant to tracking his stories' publication: page count, strip title, and description, if any. Bold indicates my additions of whatever publication data I could track down.

Woolfolk divided scripts between Fawcett and Quality this month, apart from one for Holyoke.

Note that the Mary Marvel story sat on the shelf for four years.

Captain Marvel Adventures is published every three weeks at this point, so includes a day of the month in its date: here, May 10.

Anyone know the issue where the "boon companions" Captain Marvel story appeared? Update: darkmark, as you'll see in the comments, knew the Don Winslow story's issue, info that I didn't know when I posted.

March 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg Sky ScoutsCaptain Aero
Don WinslowHollywood goes to the Pacific
"Hollywood Bound" DW 44, Apr/47
IbisKarlan, last of sorcerers
"Karlan, the Last of the Sorcerers" Ibis 3, Win/45
13 Doll ManFeature
Mary MarvelJives becomes a jockey
"Jives Becomes a Jockey" Marvel Family 33, Mar/49
12 Captain Midnightflying tomb
"The Flying Tomb" Capt Mid 54, Aug/47
12 Kid Eternity"Terror from the Tomb" KE 1, Spr/46
Captain Marvel Jr.Xmas story
"CMJ and Freddy Freeman's Xmas" CMJ 46, Feb/47
Captain Midnightflame plane
"The Flame Planes" Capt Mid 37, Feb/46
Martha"The Riddle of the Missing Ears" Doll Man 10, Fall/46
Swing SissonFeature
Captain Marvellife insurance
"CM's Life Insurance" CM Advs 60, May/10/46
Captain Marvelboon companions
Whiz or CM Advs
15 Kid EternityHit

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  1. "Hollywood Goes to the Pacific" is "Hollywood Bound" from DON WINSLOW #44, April 1947.