Friday, August 5, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/02

Captain Midnight 37 coverAgain, this is my transcription from William Woolfolk's handwritten notebook recording comic book scripts as he finished them. I didn't copy down payment info. Bold indicates my additions of publication data.

Woolfolk sold scripts to Continental, Holyoke, Fawcett, and Quality in February 1945.

This month's Kid Eternity stories were the first ones Woolfolk wrote at those lengths and I match them with the first published at those lengths. I think it's safe to figure, even without descriptions, that these were the scripts commissioned for the first issue of Kid Eternity's own title. (The writing style confirms the first-issue stories as by Woolfolk.)

The Grand Comics Database indexers spell Sherry Flippe as Filpe and Fuppe in the writeups on different issues. Admittedly the logo in cursive could be a bit hard to decipher, but those who didn't get the pun on the drink "sherry flip" are obviously not cross-referencing with the ones who did.

Ibis's title was suspended for a couple of years, so the 10-page script sat on the shelves at Fawcett until 1948.

Any ideas on where the whale sub Captain Midnight story appeared? Update: I found the Mary Marvel story when Wow 41 appeared on the Digital Comic Museum site; the script was cut by a page. And darkmark in his comment supplied the Don Winslow story's publication data.

February 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg Ibisbeasts of outer darkness
"Beasts of Darkness" Ibis 6, Spr/48
Captain Midnightblimp patrol
"The Blimp Patrol" Capt Midnight 37, Feb/46
Sherry FlippeSuspense
11 Kid Eternity"The Land of the Amazons" Kid Eternity 1, Spr/46
fiction idea
syndicated pages
Mary Marveljuvenile delinquent double
7 "Trouble on the Double" Wow 41, Feb/46
Mighty MiteCapt Aero
Lightfingers LouiePower 2, July/45
The ReckonerCat-Man
Don Winslowtrail of the S-29
"On the Trail of the S-29" DW 34, May/46
12 fiction story
Capt Midnight whale sub
Capt Mid
14 Kid Eternity"The Black Diamond of Doom" KE 1, Spr/46
Ibisdead man's revenge
"Dead Man's Revenge" Whiz 70, Jan/46
Phantom Eaglephantom Spad
"The Phantom Spad" Wow 44, June/46
Red CrossCapt Aero
PT BoatModern
12 Radar evil Shangri-La
"Evil Shangrila" Master 73, Oct/46
Woolfolk notebook page: scripts written in February 1945
Scan © Marc Svensson


  1. The S-29 story is "On the Trail of the S-29" from DON WINSLOW #34, May 1946.

  2. Can't see a "whale sub" story in CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT at this time. There is a Dickie Dean story with a whale sub in DAREDEVIL #38 (Sept. 1946). Wonder if it was repurposed?