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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joe Orlando's Ghosts on Twilight Zone

Before I get to my next installment of Twilight Zone writers, I want to devote a post to the art: specifically, the art attributed to Joe Orlando.

TZ 15 'Moment of Decision' page pencilled by Jerry Grandenetti, inked by Bil Draut

Jerry Grandenetti pencilled "Moment of Decision" in Twilight Zone 15 (May/66).

Joe Orlando didn't. Grandenetti even lettered the sound effects, as was his habit. The page above was inked by Bill Draut, as you can see from the face in the lower right corner. Joe Orlando inked at least some of the story, as here:

'Moment of Decision' tier inked by Joe Orlando

Joe Orlando no more pencilled "Moment of Decision" than Bob Kane did. Grandenetti and Draut ghosted for Orlando for a period, just as, say, Lew Sayre Schwartz and then Sheldon Moldoff did for Kane on Batman. Orlando wasn't even signing or taking a credit line here as at DC or Warren; he was trying to fool only the editors (if he accomplished that much). The readers are under no obligation to deny the evidence of Grandenetti's distinctive style.

Jerry Grandenetti, on the other hand, had nothing to do with "The Lost Genius" in TZ 14 (Feb/66); the GCD correctly attributes the pencils to Orlando, although I'd say someone else inked it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joe Orlando's Other Ghost

Joe Orlando used Jerry Grandenetti as a ghost penciller in the mid-Sixties at Warren (on anthology stories and the Adam Link series) and at DC (on The Inferior Five and Scooter). Grandenetti's unmistakable pencils are enough of a clue, but his sound effects lettering was the clincher in an argument, for a while, as to whether Orlando changed his style for a couple of years so it coincidentally resembled Grandenetti's. Once Grandenetti started contributing full art to Warren under his own name, Orlando did some pencilling for himself again—and in cases like the later Adam Link stories, started inking even more heavily so that Grandenetti's pencilling style was, finally, nearly obscured. (How much Orlando contributed at all to "his" DC stories pencilled by Grandenetti, when Mike Esposito inked them, is a question to ponder.)

Creepy 7 pencils by Bill Draut, inks by Joe Orlando

But Jerry Grandenetti wasn't Joe Orlando's only ghost. The art in "Image of Bluebeard" in Creepy 7, Feb/66 (written by Bill Pearson) is credited solely to Orlando, and its pencils have since been attributed to Jerry Grandenetti. This looks more like Orlando himself on pencils again, at first glance, but it isn't. His ghost penciller here is Bill Draut.

more art from Creepy 7

The boy's face in the panel below from DC's Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 12 (Sept/73), "A Change of Bodies" (written by John Albano) is typical of Bill Draut's work. Compare with the policeman in the background in the middle panel above.

Dark Mansion 12 art by Draut

Draut inked Grandenetti at times DC under editor Orlando (Phantom Stranger) and they both worked on Swing with Scooter. Draut contributed to "Ahead of the Game" in Warren's Eerie 2 (March/66)—I haven't the issue to look at any more—did he ink Grandenetti as the GCD says, or pencil for Orlando?