Monday, August 15, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/04

Hit 41 cover
Continuing my transcription of William Woolfolk's own records of Golden Age scripts written and sold; with my additions, in bold, of publication data.

Scripts sold this month to Fawcett, Quality, and Aviation Press.

The Kid Eternity story in Hit 41, which by the style Woolfolk did write, could be one of the KE stories listed this month—so I've used the cover as an illustration.

Captain Marvel Adventures, published every three weeks at this point, is dated month/date/year.

(I've updated the Ibis, Don Winslow, and Golden Arrow publication data, which I hadn't found for the original post, from darkmark's comments. The Captain Midnight story I had down incorrectly as a Captain Marvel about Casey Jones; I misread Woolfolk's handwriting on "James" but just zoned on his clearly-written "Midnight." darkmark's comment on my Woolfolk Update 2 correctly posited "Swamp of Death" as this story, although he hadn't the issue itself at the time; he since got it and uploaded at the Digital Comic Museum.) I haven't seen Golden Arrow 3 to confirm if my reading of the description fits; "barker" is the best I could get out of the handwriting here:

Wollfolk's handwriting: elephant barker(?)

April 1945 William Woolfolk Comic Book Scripts

5 pg Ibisthe master of discord
"Music Madness" Ibis 3, Win/45
Captain MidnightCasey James in swamp
"Swamp of Death" Capt Midnight 39, Apr/46
Destroyer 171National
Golden Arrowelephant barker [?]
"Two Men on an Elephant" GA 3, Win/45
Captain Marvelgorgon's head
"The Gorgon's Curse" CM Advs 55, Mar/1/46
13 Doll ManFeature
RadarInt. Red Cross plot
"The Red Cross Mystery" Master 72, Sept/46
15 Kid EternityHit
Tommy TomahawkContact
Black VenusContact
Swing SissonFeature
Captain MarvelWHIZ goes television
"Station WHIZ Goes Television" CM Advs 54, Feb/15/46
PT BoatModern
Golden EagleContact
Don Winslowdynamite ship
"The Good Ship SS Courageous" DW 49, Sept/47
15 Kid EternityHit


  1. The "master of discord" story is really "Mr. Discord" from IBIS #2.

  2. I think that may be "elephant bandits".

  3. darkmark, "Mr. Discord" was 10 pages long, and, more damagingly, published in 1943, some two years before this story was written.

    That could be "bandits"; it's the elephant part that intrigues me in a Western feature.

  4. You're right, Martin. The Master of Discord story is actually in IBIS #3, as "Music Madness". The page count and date check out.

  5. Also, there were a couple of circus stories in Golden Arrow, so "elephant barker" might fit there...we'll see.

  6. I've revised the post to show "Music Madness." Thanks! If anyone wonders, IBIS suspended publication for a couple of years between the second and third issues because of wartime paper shortages.

  7. "Dynamite Ship" is "The Good Ship S.S. Courageous" from DON WINSLOW #49, September 1947.

  8. The "elephant bandits" Golden Arrow story didn't appear in any of the WHIZ issues that had 5-page stories. It either appeared in those two GA issues, had a different page count, or didn't get published.

  9. That's narrowing it down, slowly but surely--I've removed WHIZ as a possibility.

  10. Still don't have the Casey James Captain Midnight story tagged, but since "The Pan-American Railroad" appeared in CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #31 and it was a little too early to be this one, I've attributed it to Woolfolk.

  11. I think that's a reasonable assumption, since I've found some recurring characters written by Wolfolk alone in other series--Graybeard in Captain Marvel Junior and most of the costumed villains in Doll Man.

  12. Finally found it! "Elephant Barker" is really "Two Men On an Elephant" in GOLDEN ARROW #3. We never forget!