Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Artist on Gold Key's Wally

I had no idea who did the art on Gold Key's teen title Wally (#1, Dec/62–#4, Sep/63). I wondered if I'd seen it on a syndicated strip like Penny, but that one didn't match up.

Some time later I saw the same artist's work on a couple of fillers in Standard's Kathy--but that still didn't give me a name. And some time after that I found it again, in more of those fillers, on Standard's Intimate Love 25 (Nov/53). Here, however, James Vadeboncoeur, Jr., had already IDed the artist: Paul Robinson.

Robinson did do a sydicated strip--Etta Kett--for almost half a century: from 1925 to 1974. The day's strip here is from 1966. On the four issues of Wally he drew the Wally stories, backup Yvette stories, covers, and text headers; this tier is from "Ballots and Belles" in #2.

Are there any assistants involved? I don't know. The Wally writer is hardly likely to be John Stanley as the GCD guesses; he was pretty busy over at Dell at the time. UPDATE: Jake Oster has told me that in an Alter Ego interview Herb Rogoff recalled writing Wally for editor Wally Green.

These are Robinson's fillers in that issue of Kathy at Standard:

June/53 15  How's About That!! Starring Beezey!!
Justeen and Bucky

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Gunsmoke Western's Antedi-Lee-vian Kid Colt Writer

Gunsmoke Western 39

In an interview where Joe Gill was describing how he wrote at such a sustained pace, his example was not any one of the many Charlton characters but Kid Colt at Timely/Atlas. One sign of his scripting is "This was [situation]," as here on the splash of "No Place to Turn," as well as the splash caption of "The Gunhawks of Terror Street" and the first caption after the splash in "Showdown Street."

The Atlas Implosion occurred after Gunsmoke Western #42. There were enough Kid Colt stories on hand to lead off two more issues when the title returned, and then Stan Lee took up writing (and signing) the Gunsmoke Western Kid Colt stories.

#32 is the first issue, as the title takes over Black Rider's numbering. On the Kid's own magazine and the many other anthology titles he also starred in at the time, Gill started writing the character in 1954. (UPDATE: see the comments--I had a non-Kid Colt story down for #37 but have fixed that mistake.]

Joe Gill's Kid Colt scripts in
Gunsmoke Western

Dec/55 32  The Plunderers
Feb/56 33  Never Say Die
Apr/     34  Badman's Bluff
Jun/     35  Date with Destiny
Aug/     36  Clean-Up in Buckhorn
Oct/     37  Double-Cross Trail
Dec/     38  The Phantom of Caribou Flats
Jan/57 39  No Place to Turn
Apr/     40  Showdown Street
Jun/     41  Two Guns for Freedom
Aug/     42  The Gunhawks of Terror Street
Nov/     43  Trail to Tombstone
Jan/58  44  Gunhawk's Mecca

As a bonus: this is the only Jack Oleck script that jumps out at me in the entire run of Gunsmoke Western. With so many anthology titles cancelled in the Implosion, it took a while to fit in the non-series stories from a suddenly huge inventory.

Jack Oleck's backup script in
Gunsmoke Western

Jan/59 50  The Stranger from Red River