Friday, August 19, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1945/05 and /06

Black Hood 17 cover
William Woolfolk's scripts went to Fawcett and Quality in these two months, plus one to MLJ.

These Kid Eternity stories are the next ones published at these lengths—the ones in Hit were 15 pages—so even if undescribed here, have to be from issue 2 of the Kid's own title. UPDATE: Likewise the Manhunter story has to fit in Police 51; the stories before and after it in the run are other Woolfolk scripts (per these records) or Joe Millard scripts, and #51's is in Woolfolk's style. Later update: darkmark found the Captain Midnight "Tunnel of Terror" story.

The Grand Comics Database attribution to Woolfolk on "Uncle Marvel's Wedding" originated some years ago with my seeing his writing style on the DC reprint of the story. The same goes for "Jives Becomes a Jockey," the Mary Marvel story on the March 1945 list.

May 1945 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg Captain Marvel Jr. Greybeard dies
"The Death of Graybeard" CMJ 39, June/46
14 Kid Eternity"The Man Who Controlled the Past" KE 2, Sum/46
11 Kid Eternity"Pogo" KE 2, Sum/46
Mary MarvelSindbad the sailor
"MM Meets Sinbad the Sailor" Wow 47, Sept/46
Captain Midnighttunnel of terror
"Tunnel of Terror" Capt Mid 39, Apr/46
Destroyer 171National
13 Doll ManFeature
Captain MarvelAunt Minerva
"Uncle Marvel's Wedding" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
Captain MarvelMilady the pigeon
"CM Meets Milady" CM Advs 59, Apr/26/46
13 Doll ManFeature
10 Manhunter"Crime Declares an Armistice" Police 51, Feb/46

Update: I couldn't read the second word here, but darkmark's comment led me to the story. I've added it below after originally posting it as "vanishing b___," Captain Midnight, no issue known. A number of stories featuring Sergeant Twilight (Midnight's assistant Ichabod Mudd) were given the Captain Midnight logo.

June 1945

Black HoodSleepytime Sam
"The Case of the Sleeping Bandit" Black Hood 17, Win/46
Sergeant Twilightvanishing fossil
Captain Midnight"The Vanishing Fossil" Capt Mid 40, May/46
Captain Marveldinosaur
"CM and the Marvelous Dinosaur" Marvel Family 3, July/46
Swing SissonFeature


  1. Looks like that might be "vanishing fossil".

  2. Also, "Tunnel of Terror" appeared in CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #10.

  3. "Vanishing Fossil" it is; I found the story and updated the post. Good eye!

    I could see the editors adding a page to that story to make it fit. But CM 10's "Tunnel of Terror" was not only 15 pages long, nearly double the length of this tunnel story, it was published almost two years before this one was written--in the July 1943 issue.

  4. Found "Tunnel of Terror". It's from CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #39.

  5. I updated with that info, darkmark. Thanks.

  6. Martin, that BLACK HOOD cover above is a swipe of the famous PRINCE VALIANT panel where he's descending into the dungeon with the prisoners' hands extending from the cells. I recognize it because I swiped it myself (as practice) when I encountered it in the Couperie/Horn A HISTORY OF THE COMIC STRIP (1968, Crown) back in 1969.

  7. At least this cover gives Alex Raymond a few minutes' breathing space, Mike.

    I remember the 1966 record by The Capes and Cowls, of campy super-hero instrumentals, where every panel of the sleeve cover art was swiped from the stories Jules Feifer collected in THE GREAT COMIC BOOK HEROES. One-stop shopping...

  8. The 13-page Doll Man could well be "Madame Diablo" in FEATURE #98 ("Good Glory!').