Friday, December 23, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/09

Captain America 66 cover

Quality, Fawcett, and Timely bought William Woolfolk's scripts this month.

I can't find the Tom Mix Destry story.

UPDATE: I was misreading Woolfolk's Captain Marvel Junior notation as "plane" instead of "phone"; that the editors changed the fourth dimension to the fifth didn't make it any easier tracking down the story by search engine.

September 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

11 pg Doll Manthe Huntress
"The Huntress" DM 17, July/48
Tom MixDestry rides again
12 Captain Americagets a new assistant
"Golden Girl" CA 66, Apr/48
Ibisversus the Minotaur
"The Minotaur" Whiz 97, May/48
Captain Marvelsurrealist imp
"The Surrealist Imp" CM Advs 84, May/48
Captain Marvelman versus river
"The Feud with the River" CM Advs 84, May/48
Tom Mixhorse feud
"Tony's Feud" Wow 66, May/48
Sub-MarinerShanghai, port of mystery
"The Pirates of the China Sea" Human Torch 29, Win/48
12 Doll ManSilver Dollar's rise & fall
"Silver Dollar" DM 17, July/48
Marvel FamilySivana's newspaper
"The Sivana Family Newspaper" MF 23, May/45
Mary Marvelthe crime wave
"MM and the Crime Wave" MM 25, June/48
Captain Marvel Junior4th dimensional phone
"The 5th Dimensional Phone" CMJ 77, Sept/49
14 Doll ManDoll Man's biographer
"The Derby" DM 17, July/48
12 Human Torchfiesta of murder
"Carnival of Murder" Marvel Mystery 86, June/48


  1. "The 4th Dimensional Elephant" from CMJ #119 is credited to William Woolfolk in the GCD's listings for Shazam! From the 40's to the '70's. There's no other CMJ story that fits the description. The plane must have been changed to an elephant in editorial. Nice trick if you can do it. ;-)

  2. Since the elephant story came out at five pages long and half a decade later, my guess would be that the plane story wasn't published (for whatever reason) and Woolfolk reused the 4th dimension concept to start from scratch with an elephant. Still a nice trick...

  3. I think "Destry rides again" might be "D'arcy rides again," because two bad guys named D'Arcy show up in the Tom Mix story in WOW COMICS #68 ("Challenge to Death").